Qt3 Movie Podcast: Dallas Buyers Club

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Dallas Buyers Club
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When February 10, 2014

Join us this week for a spirited disagreement about Dallas Buyers Club and what sets apart a great performance from simply acting. In the process, we pronounce Jard Leto's name at least three different ways..

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I just found out the ROBOCOP remake is PG-13...I guess I should have known...

Wait'll you see how he gets his injuries.

Jan DeBont did TWISTER. I remember the promo stuff with his interviews/accent.
You were probably thinking of DRIVEN with Sly Stallone, that was Harlin.

Also, GOOD GRIEF on the image you chose!
It makes me want to cry and give KellyWand a sandwich.

In case you were curious, this is the podcast I mentioned in my 3x3 submission:


Thanks for reading my rushed letter. I realise I had not turned one in and it was Sunday afternoon so I just typed something out quickly on my iPhone, glad it was kind of readable. Also I was told my cousin was shot and killed the night before so it was kind of a weird day for me.

I forgot to mention that the other memorable thing about ALONG CAME POLLY is that PSH performs in a community theater production of "Jesus Christ Superstar".

Great, Paul. I'll definitely give it a listen.

Thanks so much.

Happy to read any letter from you. We really appreciate how much you contribute.

I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. What awful news. My heart goes out to you.


A manly handshake ensues... just watched this bit from Twister on youtube. I think PHS could read a phonebook and it would still be great. Tom, you're fired. You should have played that line out. That scene was genius, thanks for the story!!

Gah, my bad. No wonder I didn't get cast in Twister or any Renny Harlin movies!

"A manly handshake ensues?"

"Okay, thanks. We'll call you."

Tom! You saw The Hidden Face, I could tell immediately. It seemed like you didn't like it much? I want to hear more.

Just was able to listen to this last night. The Twister audition story was hilarious. It's amazing the level of incompetence that would allow that to actually appear on screen in an expensive mainstream hollywood movie like that.

I'd forgotten until Kelly Wand reminded me in his Dallas Buyopsis that Dwayne Johnson was going to be playing the sword-wielding vampire hunter who doesn't know he's actually himself a vampire in the upcoming re-make of "Blade: Runner."

It's like Memento, but blood-red. So, Pimento.

Just want to say, thank you, Christien, for the way you described the movie. I had the same 'constantly watching acting' feeling. Glad, I wasn't the only one.

Thank you right back, KenTWOu. As I've said before, I love it when folks comment on a past podcast in these threads. I subscribe to them all, so I always get a notification. It made my morning to read this.

I just listened to this. What a crazy story.

I've never seen Twister, so I had to look up the clip. There Seymour Hoffman is, actually saying "a manly handshake ensues" verbatim. It's just insane.