Qt3 Movie Podcast: Django Unchained

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Django Unchained
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When December 31, 2012

We're divided on Quentin Tarantino's blaxploitation spaghetti Western. But we all agree it's no Inglorious Basterds. And it's certainly no Jackie Brown. At the 44-minute mark, this week's 3x3 is all about our favorite movie posters..

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I enjoyed this movie a lot more then you guys did, though I feel most of your complaints are valid, I'll attempt to defend it a little bit. Before I get to far into it, I just want to say while I wish Tarantino did more with slavery and making a point about it, I am glad he portrayed it as something unforgivably horrific.(with the dogs, the mandingo fighting, and the hot box, amongst other things)

Tom raised the valid question of why didn't Schultz just didn't buy Hilde from Candie, instead of going through this elaborate scheme to get her. Now, admitidly I went into this movie knowing Tarantino's justification for this, so I don't know how obvious this is for people who didn't already have it in mind, but Tarantino said that Schultz is a control freak, and that would be giving Candie the power to both dictate the price, and say 'no'. Like I said, I knew this going into the movie, and it seemed to fit his character. Schultz does everything on his time and on his terms, from making sure the barkeeper gets the sheriff first so he can kill him instead of get the marshal first so he can explain to him who the Sheriff is and then have the marshal's permission to kill him, to even feeling responsible for Django after freeing him. This to goes into why Schultz didn't shake Candie's hand (after which that scene, I totally feel the movie starts to fall apart). Schultz got his last jab in with telling Candie Dumas was black, so Candie wasn't going to let him get away with the last blow. Schultz, disgusted with Candie, traumatized from watching the dog eat a man, and annoyed Candie is trying to force him to do something he finds so morally reprehensible (Shaking Candie's hand), 'couldn't resist' killing Candie. I feel like Schultz was confident Django could shoot his way out of the situation, after all, he trained him and knew he was the 'fastest gun in the south.' It was totally selfish of him, and I feel like his apology was a very sincere one, not just a shoulder shrug 'oh well', but I think Schultz was confident Django would be fine.

I was left wanting to know more about how Candyland was run. There were enough hints I feel confident in saying Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) was the true master of the plantation. He probably helped raise Candie, and Candie seemed to rely on him as a key adviser, though not in public. I feel Stephen just acted like an old fool so everyone would think Candie was in charge. The reason I think Stephen was more in charge than just an adviser is because we see him signing checks with Candie's name 'without' either Candie or Mr. Moguy being there to verify what he's doing. I don't feel this makes up for all the endings weaknesses, but I was so fascinated with their relationship and what their backstory must be it kept me...distracted I guess?

Wait did one of you whisper "kill you" at 1:50:42-45? That or I'm high

I don't know about 'outcry'. but I for one was very disappointed that there was no opsis for this one. I was expecting this movie to suck (I haven't seen it yet), but I knew Kelly would deliver. But that's what happens when you mix Viagra and PBR. We've all been there.

As for Christien's sort of rhetorical question to Tarantino "Are you ever going to make a movie in earnest?!", I used to ask myself that also, but I think it's pretty clear now that the answer to that is 'no'.

Excellent comment, Jacob! I wish Tarantino had communicated that stuff more clearly. :(

Gah, it does sound like that. Our podcast is haunted!

Like I said, I had read an interview with him about Schultz's plan for buying Hilde before seeing the movie, sounds like its a hard conclusion to come to without having prior knowledge, which is a shame. I did enjoy Django Unchained, but its not to high on my Tarantino list.

I was going to the gym yesterday for the first time since Christmas and not looking forward to it much, except that I had a new Quarter to Three movie podcast to distract me from my pain and was pretty sure Kelly Wand's synopsis of Django would make me laugh. Needless to say, I was crestfallen. At least your discussion of Texas Chainsaw 3D was pretty funny.

But I enjoyed the discussion, and especially enjoyed the discussion of movie posters - definitely one of your better 3x3 episodes.

Also, given your spoiler-phobia, Tom and Dingus might be the only people on the internet who haven't yet seen this "Sad Off" between Samuel Jackson and Anne Hathaway about whose Christmas movie is more tragic. It might help make up a bit for having had to watch Django (but contains spoilers for Les Miserables!)


You guys are making me feel bad. I'll write one and post it when I get back to the Arctic Circle in the next couple days. My Australian accent's about as good as QT's whether written or voiced. Huh, outcryers.

I think that was me. To me. Just funny-lookin in a general way.

Creeped me out a bit as I was listening to the podcast in the middle of the night

I was looking forward to the 'opsis, too. Especially since Kelly is the only one willing to defend the movie.

It's no Inglorious Basterds, much less Jackie Brown.

I considered Dingus' #3 for my own list of movie posters and it would definitely make my alternate list.

Only you want to and have time! :) I know you've been away from home and have been busy etc. I'd love to hear your Tarantino doing whatever accent he thinks he's doing, though.

This comment is freaking me out.

Is it along the lines of this:


At least that voice is just saying watch out for snakes, which for me in Tasmania is pretty good advice or for anybody anywhere cos u just never know o_0

Hi guys,
Another fun podcast.

I always forget to send in my 3x3 entries before the weekend. Anyway, there are some interesting posters that may not be the best but that stand out to me for different reasons.

One is the Gallipoli poster. I know Tom said he doesn't like ones that show the movie endings, but you don't know that going in and it is memorable for me.

Another is totally off the wall, but you might find interesting. Remember GI Jane? It wasn't much of a movie, but when I was in Mexico once I saw the poster there for it and it was titled Hasta la Ultima, which loosely translates to "To the Limit" or "Until the End", a phrase I interpret to be a reference to the harsh SEAL training regimen. But I can see why they changed it for the different market; GI Jane might not have made sense to Mexicans.

Anyway I thought the international changes to movie titles was interesting. You know, that might make for a whole new 3x3 topic.

You guys probably didn't catch it in the credits, but "hot axe woman" is Amber Tamblyn.

No. I caught it. Her father Russ is in there too. And I love that guy since I played the same part he played in some musical about gangs. However, I thought he was "Son of a Gunfighter" and she was "Daughter of..."

I wanted to think the way they did the credits was clever and cute until we got to Lee Horsley. I loved his line, "Come out of the snowy snow." It was so cute! Until the credits when good old Quentin had to point out the joke.

Thanks Quentin!

The Platoon poser is also a spoiler. :)

Ha, that's awesome about GI Jane! That's clearly a US-centric phrase.

I finally got to see this last night and while it was very late (and I haven't listened to this podcast yet) everything you guys are talking about here came across pretty straightforward in the movie unless I'm missing some other level.