Qt3 Movie Podcast: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

We’ve got plenty to say about Sam Raimi’s Marvel movie — including a synopsis featuring three celebrity appearances! — but we should warn you there’s a fair amount of talk about Everything Everywhere All At Once. We couldn’t help ourselves. We’ve been ensorcelled.

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“Tatiana Maisly”. Grrr. Watch Orphan Black, Tom! Talk about character based multiverses …

Lol at Tom repeatedly calling Mr.Fantastic Rex Reed, (flamboyant film critic) instead of Reed Richards.

Tom’s having a real Raccacoonie moment in this one.

im so happy to hear you guys again, thanks. :…)

Thanks for the kind words. We were really happy to do it and I’m pretty confident in saying we’ll be doing more. At least that’s the plan.

By the way, it wasn’t until I was uploading the file that I realized it’s been exactly a year since our last movie podcast. Well, and a day. Exactly a year and a day. It would have been exactly a year, but we’re using a new system for recording and editing that I’m still figuring out, so it took longer than normal. By the time I uploaded the file, midnight had slipped by. I blame the Memorial Day weekend and the release of the Top Gun movie.


Really awesome to have the podcast back!

So glad to see the universe‘s greatest podcast return. Make sure you throw in a fundraiser episode soon so I can pay for a chance of you reviewing some of the Covid era releases. I desperately need a Tenopsis or Tenetsis.

Your voice sounded strong especially during your defense of your Mr Mom opsis . Come for the movie chat stay for the digressions.

Oh man, I’m excited to hear you guys again (it’s been so long), but EEAAO is in my watch queue and I’m gonna have to watch that first to really appreciate the podcast.

If it helps, the EEAAO discussion is almost entirely in the back half and there are no real spoilers before then.

Oh shit, yes please and thank you. This opsis already sounds like an all-timer.

So thankful for the podcast and so happy that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Costner and Ryan Gosling could join you again! Hopefully Ben Foster takes some time off from his Warcraft sequel (jk) to join you all.

True story: Over the weekend I watched Chris Pine: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit in a hotel. My wife slept through the entire film, but boy howdy, I was riveted.

On the drive back home, I thought “I wonder if Tom and the gang recorded a podcast for that? After all, they love Chris Pine.” Sure enough, you had, and this morning I downloaded it.

Moments ago, I went to play the podcast, only to find TWO unplayed QT3 podcasts, instead of just ONE. “My God,” I thought, “Did my podcast player download an additional Chris Pine podcast on its own?” It turns out, no! An all-new episode!

Now that’s what I call a Multiverse of Gratitude.

I still think happily of the day I realized I’d never heard the Rogue One podcast.

<3 <3 <3

Are you ready for some Costner???

I’ll always remember Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit as the movie where Costner rents a spy dog. I hope we touched on that in the podcast. In fact, I’m betting dollars to donuts the only reason I remember it is because Kellywand or Dingus said something funny about it!



Welcome back you guys! <3

I’m glad that @marquac’s last name is still canonically pronounced “MARK-erd-sin.”

I’d go for a Tinnitus.

Haven’t even listened yet, but welcome back to my favorite ever podcast. I wish it wasn’t for another superhero movie, but beggers can’t be choosers. Thanks for doing it.