Qt3 Movie Podcast: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

What a joy to see this pop up. I listened on my way to work this morning, and while I’m only about halfway through the opsis now, it has been entirely delightful so far (though tears in my eyes for even that brief shout-out to Dingus). Thanks, guys, for taking the time to put this together. I’d forgotten how much I missed hearing you.

Did no one watch What if?

It is an honour to have part of my name mentioned in the podcast. :)

I don’t think Kellywand or I even know what that is. My understanding is that it’s a bunch of Marvel cartoons?

I swear I’m trying to get the whole “mar-QWARD-son” part of your name right, but they don’t really have that “qua” sound on my homeworld of Arkansas, so it just comes out as “mar-KERD-son”. You’d think after all the Bruce Springsteen I’ve been subjected to over the years, I’d be more fluent in Canadian.


I only know that’s wrong because I missed it in a third grade spelling bee when I spelled it that way. When I was told it was wrong and given a chance to try again, I just assumed the judges misheard me and spelled it the same way again, because how else are you supposed to spell begger?

Later, in the clasroom after the spelling bee assembly, I was berated by Miss Caruthers in front of the whole class.

“You don’t spell the word the same way twice, fool,” she said to little eight-year-old Tommy Chick, who had represented the class in the spelling bee. Tommy Chick would never misspell beggar again. He would, however, have to contend with being laughed at when we discovered the idiom about “every Tom, Dick, and Harry”. Suddenly, I was Tom instead of Tommy, but for all the wrong reasons.

“Ha ha, Tom’s dick is hairy!”

I don’t recall those kids getting in trouble with Miss Carruthers.


Miss Caruthers grew up to be the baby that you booed in a movie theater?


One movie podcast a year and we get this instead of, I don’t know, The Northman?

Please don’t tell me the next one (in six months) is going to be Walking Dead Tom Cruise and his Navy recruitment ad.

Tom Cruise doesn’t really walk, he runs at all times.

There’s a Northman micro-podcast somewhere in the first ten minutes for ya. Edit: maybe it’s more like a nano-podcast. Pico-podcast.

The outstanding issue is what podcast we’ll post next week. The plan is to do a Men podcast, but we’re going to decide after Kellywand has seen it on Thursday night. We’ll definitely let folks know as soon as we figure out which movie we’re doing next, whether it’s Top Gun, Men, El Topo, whatever!


P.S. I’m currently in trouble with Kellywand for not liking Northman enough, arguably because I didn’t “get” it the same way I didn’t “get” Lighthouse. I’ve been trying to turn it into an issue of Green Knight vs. Northman as a kind of smokescreen from which I can fight the battle more effectively, but Wand isn’t accepting my bluff.

“Business”, sixth grade. I spelled it “buisness”, like “building”. It made sense at the time. Don’t buildings have businesses?

And I lost to Cameron Zschau. Now that’s a word I can spell!

I’m half excited to listen to the podcast, and half not ready. I can’t even imagine what it’s been like for you guys. Glad to have you back!

Dude, stop with the effective mnemonics, you’re going to introduce another misspelling into my addled brain! The last thing I need is that kind of monkey buisness rolling around in my head!


For me, it was a spelling contest in second grade. I was an ace speller, top of the class, it all came very naturally to me. We all stood up, and if you got one wrong you sat down and were out of the contest. I was the first one up. I was cocky, sure I’d be among the last two or three standing. My word: Chief.

I put the e before the i and I sat out for the rest of the class.

You know, if you guys are going to be so generous sharing your own stories, I should probably tell y’all the rest of my story so you better understand why I remember it so well!

Like @Nightgaunt, I had been similarly chosen to represent the class in the school-wide spelling bee, because I had the highest grade on spelling tests. And the reason I had the highest grade on the spelling tests was because I’d learned to cheat. I don’t remember the specifics, but I remember finagling some way that I had written copies of the words giving me trouble and thereby 100%‘ed all the spelling tests. So when I got selected to be in the spelling bee to represent Miss Caruthers’ class, I was terrified and wanted no part of it, because I could hear the outraged howl of karmic justice coming for me.

Which indeed it did.


Say it ain’t so, Tommy Chick!

I participated in school or class spelling bees and came in 3rd place 3 years in a row, when 2nd place was needed to advance to the next level. I can still remember my losing words to this day:


Mine was “torrential.” Still haunts me and I try to use the word constantly. But my picture at age 11 still made the Daily Breeze for coming in…THIRD?!

In fifth grade we had a sex ed quiz and I was worried I was coming across as knowing too much about bonin’ so I intentionally misspelled condom as condome.

It’s thinking like that which makes you perfectly suited to lead the Kelly Wand fan club.