Qt3 Movie Podcast: Goon

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Goon
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When April 9, 2012

Want to listen to a bunch of Americans of the non-Canadian variety gush enthusiastically about a hockey comedy starring Sean William Scott? Then this week's Qt3 Movie Podcast is for you! If you want to skip any Goon spoilers, fast forward to the 41-minute mark for

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so it's good? I'll watch it before I listen if I can

Yeah, I haven't seen it yet, either but will have to check it out.

I will say with regard to the 3x3, that I'm shocked Kelly has never seen Audition and I am equally shocked that it wasn't everybody's number 1. It was the first thing I thought of (though, admittedly, I didn't consider the slight movement of a door).

There are many gaps in my film education. & education. & career achievements. & gum-line. & social calendar. & memories of Tower Heist. &...

Yep, Goon is good if you like crass R-rated comedies with talented casts and funny writing.

Count me out!

Saw it and really enjoyed it. Another big win for Evan Goldberg (I absolutely love Superbad), and it's good to see that Green Hornet doesn't necessarily portend his coming fall.

This will also make me rethink my opinion of Liev Schreiber -- I have never thought of him as an imposing figure, but he was great as a bloodthirsty (if somewhat world-weary) bruiser.

I actually went to see American Reunion the other day (I'm powerless to resist stupid shit sometimes), and it mostly made me want to see The Rundown again. I will still probably do that tomorrow, but this fit the bill, too. A real pleasure.

The Rundown is a serious guilty pleasure for me.

I always liked the jump scare in Signs with the news footage of the alien walking by at the children's party. It's fair because you're expecting an alien to pop out since it's on the news, but it's so effective because you're not expecting such an unobscured view of the alien at that point of the movie. It was surprising how terrifying it was just to see the alien casually walking by and not jumping toward the camera or something .

Why guilty? The Rundown is a good movie. Claiming otherwise is plain silly.

I didn't see the movie, not the kind of movie I would like. But I enjoyed KellyWade's synopsis and the 3x3 this week.
Will be going to A Cabin in the Woods tonight with my friends.
Tom have you seen Absentia?

Speaking of Seann William Scott and guilty pleasures, Stark Raving Mad is a guilty pleasure of mine. And I love Goon so much.