Qt3 Movie Podcast: Haywire


All right, which one of us is the wet blanket who’s down on Gina Carano’s turn as an action star in Steven Soderbergh’s lean Haywire? Listen to find out. Then our 3×3 of the best bathtub scenes starts at the 50 minute mark. Next week: The Grey.

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That picture choice is so freaking excellent.


I accidentally clicked on the picture while reading my RSS this morning. I was happily surprised with an AMAZING picture name. :D Well done!!


I'm going to guess that the stick in the mud is Tom. Whenever I hear his opinion on movies I'm reminded of Patton Oswalt's impression of a Hollywood executive giving notes on screenplays: "So on page 3 she's eating breakfast, but on page 10 she's wearing a hat. How does that make sense?"


Tom, Bourne doesn't choose the car in Bourne Identity. He's in a crummy little car because it's Franka Potente's. That he can use it so well and get away anyway shows what an incredibly well-trained badass he is, but it's a car that's forced on him, not something he chose.


I'm a dork.


I think Tom was talking about the Moscow car chase in Supremacy, wasn't he?


But that makes even less sense! Identity is the one where he uses the tiny car to drive through alleys where the cop cars can't follow. And besides, taking the taxi in Supremacy is just a matter of what's convenient as well.


Soren, I'm not sure what you're saying about the car chases in the Bourne movies. My point is that in those movies, we learn something about Bourne from the car he's using. The script and choreography of the car chases show us how smart and skilled he is. He hops into a little car and we think, "Uh, that's a terrible car for a car chase". Five minutes later, we've learned that it was, in fact, the perfect car for the car chase.

In Haywire, it's a perfectly fine car chase, just like the action scenes are perfectly fine action sequences. But it's missing Bourne's meaningful context. I didn't understand the point of her taking a street racer down a snowy road to evade a four-wheel drive. I thought maybe we were going to get a cool rally racing sequence with sliding and whatnot, and I would have then gone "Oh, I see why she went down the snowy road!". Instead, she just drives really fast, hits a deer, and gets caught.

It's ultimately not a big deal. It's just part of how I feel the movie wasn't nearly as good as it could have been because Lem Dobbs is clearly no Tony Gilroy.


Soderbergh's no Hal Needham.


I kind of disagree with you about the car scene since I'm sure that car was a Mitsu Lancer which is a 4-wheel drive rally car but I'm not a complete car nut so I could be mistaken. But I too was disappointed nothing happened and she was just driving down the plow path. Also for streets out in the middle of nowhere, why was there no snow or ice on them, but that's nitpicking.

I liked this movie, I down with Dingus and Kelly here. Not great but very enjoyable.


As is my wont, I’m re-watching a few movies from this director to prepare for the upcoming movie podcast.

Dang what a pleasure this movie is. I just cannot get over the fight in the hotel room between Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender, especially after watching Atomic Blonde last week. It’s just so beautifully traumatic.

“…and the only thing I hate worse than a double-agent is a body-double-agent.”

I totally forgot how the movie actually ended. What a great last line. And the music, by a composer named David Holmes, is really great. Especially during her roof escape scene.

I love this movie.



3x3: best things hit by speeding vehicles

Heh. I forgot that the 3x3 for the Haywire podcast was favorite bathtub scenes.

This makes me happy.


“Do you want to play the tape back?”