Qt3 Movie Podcast: Hitman: Agent 47

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Hitman: Agent 47
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When September 1, 2015

This week we see -- and don't hate! -- the latest Hitman movie. At the 1:04 mark, we petition the podcast to change the topic to a discussion of characters who change their names..

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I think Kelly's under is Abduction.

If I knew that the 3x3 cop was going to be so forgiving I would have tried to sneak in H.E. Pennypacker, Kel Varnsen and Art Vandelay as runner-up picks.

Tom, when you said that your only touchstone for Olyphant was Go in 1999, surely you're only talking about movies, because I won't accept that you've never seen Deadwood, probably the greatest (unfinished) TV series of all time.

Olyphant's probably the weakest actor of that cast, but he still manages to stand tall among giants like McShane and Hawkes, and it's almost certain that his portrayal of Seth Bullock was what set him up to be the lead in Justified, where he could be an angry cop in a cowboy hat for six whole seasons, rather than just the three.

It's a shame George never embraced the nickname Biff.

I only stuck with Deadwood for a few episodes. I liked it fine, but it just didn't catch with me at the time for some reason.

Justified, however. I absolutely loved Justified.

Well, far be it from me to recommend you anything, but I think it's worth it to make it through the ten episodes of the first season of Deadwood, at least. Unlike Justified, which frustratingly kept creating and then disposing of fascinating characters like the Bennetts, Deadwood's about the habitual paths traced by a small cast of familiar characters over time, so the weakest episodes are invariably the first few, before you really know anyone that well.

Far be it from you? Why?

I appreciate the way you break this down, Gormongous. Thank you!

It's Vic Morrow (ironically), not Warren Oates in the 3x3 reference. That particular movie is one of my favorite, most awesome guilty pleasures. It was on regular TV when I was about 10 years old. The ending has stuck with me since.

Which reference?

Sorry, trying not to spoil a future 3x3. The movie Tom referenced for next week's entry. The movie is trash, but goddamn is it awesomely wonderful trash. Susan George (who is English, born in London) spends an entire movie trying to do an American southern accent, and it is GLORIOUS. It makes Kevin Costner's Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves accentry sound like Sir Laurence Olivier

The movie--which was never made available on consumer media after 1983 or so; no DVD or Blu Ray until fairly recently if at all--is on Netflix. It's Smokey & The Bandit if Quentin Tarantino were to remake it.

My favorite line from Robin Hood: PoT = "I have a brother. I have a brother."


Such an awesome group of accents.

Ooh. I just got the ironically and remembered Tom's description. Ugh.

Sorry, The next day I don't always remember everything we said.

I'd forgotten about the helicopter stuff until I watched this again a few months ago on Netflix, and remember thinking "Holy shit, that's Vic Morrow in that helicopter. Dude..."

Oh my god, of course it's Vic Morrow. I can't believe I spaced on that and said it was Warren Oates. Vic Morrow being in the helicopter is part of what makes that Dirty Mary Crazy Larry sequence so harrowing! Thanks for the correction, Chris. I are dum.

Ah, right, Deadwood. Doh! I've seen the first season, and I did like Timothy Olyphant, especially with John Hawkes alongside him. But I think what scared me off Deadwood was knowing that it was cancelled and didn't get the chance to play out its entire run. That'll scare me off a TV show faster than Jai Courtney in a leading role!

Ha ha, you saw Abduction?

To be fair, I've seen the Taylor Lautner bike messenger movie.

Good lord no! I can thank Wikipedia for sparing me the ordeal.

At the very least, I always tell people who are worried about that sort of thing that the second season ties everything off quite nicely, but they always go onto the third season anyway, so I'm just saying, it can't hurt...