Qt3 Movie Podcast: Hobbs and Shaw

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Oh great, another TV movie next week. Pretty soon you’ll be covering documentaries!

TV documentaries at that.

In black and white. With subtitles I hope!


“Brother, you may believe in machines. But we believe in people.”

And anime, of course.

Dumb new person question: what’s the origin of the Jira (Geera? Czyra?) joke?


“Beside me Jake Lloyd shakes his head in disgust…”

The alternative was Stuber. So you’re welcome.

It occurs to me that Vanessa Kirby is like the upgraded version Emilia Clarke. Jira!


Ah, I’ve listened to that one! I thought that was also a reference to something. To use another reference: nice!

Flamp Champters also makes an appearance.


Stuber is great fun. But I Am Mother was good too and probably more interesting to discuss.

I’ve seen I Am Mother, so it’s great I’ll be able to write in again. But, for the love of all that’s holy, why aren’t you doing Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood?

Oh. Because Germany. You will though, right?

When Germany finally gets its act together, I’m keen for us to do Midsommar, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and The Nightingale. In the opposite of that order.


Tom, quick correction, The Heat is awesome. I checked. I don’t know why you’d say such mean things about Sandra Bullock. You’re just a bunch of jerks. You’re a shit jerk dick fucker assholer and you all can just go fuck yourselves.

Sorry, Kelly, not you. Perdón, please.

Okay, but where do you stand on Hot Pursuit?

By the way, the other Katie Dippold scripts we couldn’t think of at the time were the lady Ghostbusters movie and the Amy Schumer vehicle Snatched. So, yeah, The Heat was definitely her strongest work. And I apologize for insinuating that she might have been responsible for one of the Pitch Perfect sequels. That was just mean.


Wow, thanks for reminding me that I saw Snatched. But also thanks for indirectly reminding me about Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters.

You know an aquarium is a submarine for fish.


@tomchick Chris McQuarrie is only working on the script. Joseph Kosinski is directing, given that he hasn’t really made a good movie yet, it’s probably worth dialing those expectations down.

The planes will probably look real pretty though.

Anyway, Hobbs & Shaw. I enjoyed it well enough. I like all the leads, especially Vanessa Kirby, but when you’ve got a cast like that, give your characters more time to interact instead of rushing from set piece to set piece. Or cut it down by 15 minutes.

Joseph Kosinski has made at least two excellent movies. I haven’t seen Only the Brave.