Qt3 Movie Podcast: Honeymoon

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Honeymoon
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When September 15, 2014

There's a two-to-one split this week on Honeymoon, which may or may not be what you think it is. At least one of us thinks it's right up his alley. Another one of us is all, like, pfft. At the 1:08, we waste a 3x3 discussing feces in movies..

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The old west horror movie you mentioned is Grim Prairie Tales.

Completely spaced writing in to the 3x3 this week. Haven't given the cast a listen this week as the wife and I are going on a long trip and listening to you guys is going to be a nice way to pass the time. So I don't know if I have been scooped on my picks. 3. Trainspotting: Spud shit the bed. 'Nuff said. 2. Pink Flamingos: Divine ends her travels 30 miles away from my home town and eats dog poo. 1. Holy Mountain: Alejandro Joderowski as The Alchemist takes excrement from The Thief and turns it into gold to represent what his spiritual ministrations can do. Sorry I forgot to write this in sooner, Wand!

Awesome, yes! Someone Tweeted this to me as well and I found the scene in question on YouTube. I'd completely forgotten the pregnancy angle, which makes it even creepier!

If poo teaches us anything, it's that it's never too late.

Thank you for making me see this. I really enjoyed it. Particularly enjoyed Tom's explanation of the symbolism/parallels with issue of marriage and identity. Felt a little dumb for not picking up all the clues in the moment, but I was caught up trying to figure out what exactly was going to go wrong.

As cheesy as you guys thought their relationship was early on, I came out thinking it was quite sweet. In the end, he's still trying to hang on to what's left of her, trying to connect to those memories and identity. I believed their relationship and felt they did have a good amount of chemistry together. Especially loved her performance, but yes, completely lacked the appropriate nudity for the subject matter.

Hey Tom, can you change the layout so that we don't have to click 'Load More' a million times just to revisit old podcasts?

Somehow missed this above-average horror flick but watched (and rather enjoyed) it after I saw Joe Hill retweet this 👉

Nice bump! I wish I’d remembered this movie for a recent 3x3.

I see director Leigh Janiak and her Honeymoon writing partner have been pressed into service for some big-budget (?) Fox/Disney production of an RL Stine young adult horror series. Bleh. But good for her for cashing in on a successful indie horror movie. By the way, look at this picture of her with one of the actors from Honeymoon.

She looks like she can’t be any older than 15. You go, girl!