Qt3 Movie Podcast: Horrible Bosses

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Horrible Bosses
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When July 11, 2011

Since the alternative was Transformers 3D and since we thought Colin Farrell was pretty funny in In Brugge and Alexander, we decide to see Horrible Bosses this week. Find out how that turns out or skip ahead to this week's 3x3 discussion at the 43-minute mark..

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Wowza, after seeing that the 3x3 starts at 43 minutes I assumed the cast would be a little bit shorter than usual, but I guess people had more than a little to say about production design.

Is that how you spell 'Wowza'?

Calling back to a prior 3x3, I thought the pause proceeding Jason Bateman's realization about why Colin had so much energy really sold the gag. Any shorter might have made the joke not work as well.
On paper the joke seems weak, but it really worked for me thanks to that slightly longer than expected pause.

awk, Kelly.