Qt3 Movie Podcast: Immortals

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Immortals
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When November 15, 2011

Tarsem, the director of The Cell and The Fall, needed all three of his names to make Immortals, his first movie without a definite article. Our opinions are divided on how well that worked out..

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Totally agree about the fridge thing.

I know it's bad of me, but I really love Tom's ongoing fight against definite articles and pluralization.

Dingus, you don't actually have to call out Tom for knowing too much about stuff (like LoTR) that he's supposedly not a huge dorky fan of. We've all figured out it's just a joke and that he actually has a big pile of superhero comics, Star Trek technical manuals, and Star Wars action figures under his bed.

Nice try, Urthman, but you won't find a single comic book under my bed. Those are kept in a climate-controlled storage facility I had built in the basement.

The stuff Tom knows is actually dorkier than the stuff dorks know.

I just distinctly remember "This series sure has inflated the life-raft" not becoming a big catch-phrase back in '84. 'Twere simpler times.

Okay, so this week is Bad Romance. I'm still not seeing the connection to this week's podcast. Anyone know?

Also, I thought the podcast's description mentioning Tangled was a joke, but then it actually happened.

Well, for starters, Kellywand and Dingus are huge Lady Gaga fans. But also, the romance in The Immortals is really bad. So there's that. You see. Bad romance. Right.

Okay, so it's a stretch. The other alternative was that song Phaedra from the 60s, because that was the name of non-Sam-Worthington's mom in the movie.