Qt3 Movie Podcast: In the Heart of the Sea

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: In the Heart of the Sea
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When December 14, 2015

This week, we discuss the latest historical drama from the director of The Da Vinci Code. At the sound of the Brittney at the 1:17 mark, we leave a message about our favorite voicemail messages..

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Windmill, roof and hi-fidelity.

Tom, that is an awesome teaser picture for the podcast on the right hand side of the front page.

Also, nice file name.

I wish ParaNorman would have had an answering machine message.

Love, love, love Kelly's number 1 pick. I've been waiting for that film to crop up on a 3x3 for a dog's age. Very happy it's for this. I hope it crops up again for your 3x3 on best character comparisons to hirsute Eastern Europeans.

Also supreme. Which he says as if it begins with the word soup.

Longest use of the Britney bumper in QT3 podcast history!

Surely the worst framing device was Luhrmann's abominable Gatsby that on the one hand thought the source material was so important it had to devote scenes to Nick writing it down, but at the same time thought Fitzgerald's actual writing was fairly 'ho hum' and needed spicing up.

Re: When Harry Met Sally runnerup Dingus mentioned

That is the ONLY Voicemail I could think of! And I know you guys say you can only send in one--I just couldn't just send in one. So that's why I didn't send in a submission this week.

Wow. I usually enjoy Kelly Wand's opsises, but this one was epic. So funny. "I was four years old at the time and not present for any of the next few scenes, but I remember it as though it were me talkin' right now" -- that's a great line and that whole Melvillian intro is amazing, but this one: "To know the tale of the Sussex is to care about the bickering between two characters" is one of Kelly Wand's finest. Bravo!

Also, Kelly Wand, Volunteer MPAA Rating Explainer, is the best new Qt3 gag since Tom's "Good Writing or Bad Writing?" quizzes. Keep those ratings coming!