Qt3 Movie Podcast: Knight and Day

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Knight and Day
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts, Movie reviews
When June 28, 2010

Summer blockbuster? Forgettable fluff? Romantic comedy? Chick flick? The redemption of Tom Cruise? All of the above? Find out in this week's podcast. Or, if you don't want Knight and Day spoiled, just jump to this week's 3x3 at the 44-minute mark..

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I just watched a couple of clips from this and I’ve got this big goofy smile on my face. I still remember going to see it and being relieved at how good it is. Mainly because a friend of mine worked on it, but also because it’s always a relief (and oftentimes a thrill) when a movie surprises you by being this good. It’s funny and so well put-together. Tom Cruise looks like he’s having a blast, and works so well with Cameron Diaz.

That bridge/freeway car chase is just great. So clever. The bit early on with the police motorcycle…I just love that edit.

I need to get this and watch it again.


“Hey June! That’s a beautiful dress, by the way.”