Qt3 Movie Podcast: Knight and Day

Summer blockbuster? Forgettable fluff? Romantic comedy? Chick flick? The redemption of Tom Cruise? All of the above? Find out in this week’s podcast. Or, if you don’t want Knight and Day spoiled, just jump to this week’s 3x3 at the 44-minute mark. We discuss the least convincing movie couples, which includes Kelly Wand’s rendition of a character’s inner monologue upon seeing Russell Crowe unclothed.

Next week: Don McKay…

The part where Tom Cruise is swinging shirtless from a pendulum saying, “Okay, I know things look bad…” is admittedly hilarious. But then they never look worse later. Gyppery of mandatory callback alert.

Knight and Day “is admittedly hilarious!”

-Kelly Wand

-Kelly Wand


Speaking of admittedly hilarious, here’s the bit from Adaptation that I tried to re-enact on the podcast and failed.

Charlie: The script I’m starting, it’s about flowers. Nobody’s ever done a movie about flowers before. So, so there are no guidelines…
Donald: What about “Flowers for Algernon”?
Charlie: Well, that’s not about flowers. And it’s not a movie.
Donald: Ok, I’m sorry, I never saw it.


It’s about flowers metaphorically. When you “make flowers” into geniuses “by” cutting them, y"o"u kill Cliff “Robertson.”

I thought it was pretty weird the entire movie ended up being the imagination of

Is that supposed to be Tom Cruise or Dimitri Martin?

Really great podcast, as usual. I have just one small criticism: Tom, it was unspeakably cruel of you to tease a Twilight podcast, with its implicit promise of a KellyWand synopsis, and then not follow through.

Yeah, that would have been pretty cool, no matter how much it would have killed Kelly Wand’s spirit. The poor guy hasn’t been able to see a movie he likes in nearly a month!