Qt3 Movie Podcast: Lady Bird

You only have to swap two letters in writer/director Greta Gerwig’s name to spell Great Gerwig.

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Darn it, @crispywebb “quote nerd” had me laughing out loud in my cubicle.


You only have to switch two letters in podcaster Christien Murawski’s name to get Christien Mukawsri.


Is it weird how life reflects art reflects life in Hollywood? Isn’t this just Francis Ha IRL?


If I can make someone laugh, or make Dingus mad, I consider that a victory. Two for two. Touchdown!

I was glad Dingus brought up Garden State. I almost mentioned it in my email. It was a good coming of age movie for when I was coming of age. I remember there being little moments where characters didn’t act in ways you would expect movie characters to act, but instead did what I willed them to in my mind. The “Yeah, but do you like me?” scene in Lady Bird reminded me of that.

I’m pretty surprised Tom had The Edge of Seventeen as his over. I certainly thought of it, as well as The Diary of a Teenage Girl, while thinking about Lady Bird. I don’t know that I could compare them though, what with Edge being tonally lighter. I think I might say that Edge is a more original movie given the rarity of mature comedies about teenagers. I do really love that movie and was glad to hear how much Tom likes it. It’s probably the 2016 movie I’ve watched the most. (The expectations for Dingus are way too high now. He might as well just stop watching movies at this point.)

It’s been a few days since I listened to the podcast, but I believe one or both of the fellas didn’t quite conjure up the essence of what Julie (the best friend) said while crying on the couch on prom night. It was something like, “Some people aren’t born happy.” Or “made happy.” Something like that. I thought it was an important difference that I noted while listening.

No one mentioned how funny it was when the football coach took over direction of the play. Tom probably didn’t understand the subtle nuances of the scene.

It was nice that they named the star after a Jaws character.

Dingus, you were trying to come up with the name of the movie Indignation. Your inability to remember anything about a 2016 movie reassures me that I was right in thinking it was not particularly good, or at least not a relevant adaptation of a book from 1914 or whenever. [Google update: Holy shoot, the book came out in 2008?! Boy howdy.]

-“Chris” Webb


Holy shit this was great? Up there with Rushmore for me. Maybe one of my best all time.

Go see this. Seriously.