Qt3 Movie Podcast: Life of Crime

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Life of Crime
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When September 9, 2014

How does this movie fare as a prequel to Jackie Brown? How about as its own standalone Elmore Leonard adaptation? We cut off the discussion at the one hour mark for this week's 3x3 of shaving scenes in movies..

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Multi-scoop. Naomi Harris' en-smoothening of Daniel Craig's face in Skyfall is popular. It's a deliciously staged and lit scene, and the way she does the final upstroke with that cut throat, announcing, "that's better" is -- excuse me for a moment -- hot, hot, hot.

My new "pub game" --guessing how long will Tom keep the Britney Spears song going in the transition from discussion to 3x3 portion of the podcast. Sometimes its short, sometimes (like this one), it goes and goes :)

My bunk. I'll be in it.

As I understand it, Shane Black was brought in to do punch-up on the set of Predator, and getting a part was part of how they enticed him to do it. WGA doesn't give you a credit for 'just' dialogue.

In Hellraiser 2 Dr. Channard has several cubes and he has his mental patients try them out . Not sure how that all hooks into the Phantasm universe. Maybe the Tall Man is Winter Soldiers father.

Yeah, that must be what I'd heard. Somewhere along the line, I associated Shane Black with Predator as more than just a minor character.

And without fail, it's stuck in my head for hours thereafter. One, two, three...