Qt3 Movie Podcast: Lincoln

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Lincoln
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When November 18, 2012

Considering our differing opinions, the Lincoln podcast pits brother against brother against brother. Not since that movie where Daryl Hannah and another chick and some dude go to the Greek isles has there been such a spirited three-way..

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It can't be a very realistic portrayal of Lincoln, as he's not holding an axe. And no one in the room with him appears to be a vampire.

I meant to send these in but lost track of time. I only have two.

2. Stalker (1979 film by Andrei Tarkovsky) The Stalker (Alexander Kaidanovsky) leads people to the Room were their deepest wish will be granted, but he never enters it himself, because he is scared of what his deepest wish might be. His daughter is a cripple and has to use crutches to walk around,and his wife even ask to be taken to the room to cure their daughter, but he won't take her, again, scared that he may really want something else.

1.There Will Be Blood (2007 film by Paul Thomas Anderson) Daniel Plainview (Daniel-Day Lewis) is on a train with his adopted son (Dillon Freasier) about to take him to a school for the deaf, which his son has recently become do to an oil drilling accident. Plainview tells his son to sit there for a moment while he (I believe) says he has to go talk to the conductor, Instead, Daniel hopes off the train and lets his minion take his son instead. This is extremely cowardly on Daniels part, instead of being able to be with his son and see him off properly, he sneaks away from the responsibility, especially given he was brave enough to adopt the boy in thefirst place.

Hmm C- for that Synopsis Kelly but you made up for it by having me in tears in the 3x3.

Really liked listening to this episode. Despite not having the opportunity or the interest in actually seeing the movie I still thoroughly enjoyed the discussion of it. I think I will probably check it when it comes to our shores next year (on DVD at least).

My j/k was that a 2 1/2 hour movie called Lincoln revolved entirely around a single piece of paperwork over a 3 month period. I wasn't being lazy, I was being super clever and shit by -- wait, C minus? Sweet!

Tom, my name's got math in it. Tom, make it stop! Why is it looking at me like that?

I hold you all personally responsible for the Britney Spears currently stuck in my head.

Obligatory angry Halo 4 fan remark