Qt3 Movie Podcast: Mandy


Well, here’s a movie for a very, uh, specific audience. Are we among them?

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And because I love it so much, here’s the other best use of King Crimson in a movie:



Right there with you.

One of the main writers of the melody for “Moonchild” was Ian McDonald. When his time in Crimso was up, Ian became a founding member of…Foreigner, of all bands.


There’s a 3x3 topic to keep in the back pocket.


Podcast count for the use of the word “predictable”. Over 30.

What was predictable was @tomchick calling a midnight movie/80s pastiche-merchant “visionary”. I am heartened that you didn’t didn’t Tom-flate the 'sploitation, Tom and called it rote.

Keep flying the flag, @ChristienMurawski. Sometimes derivative schlock = derivative schlock. “Weirdness for weirdness sake?” Lost Highway -level self-indulgence? Or worse?

At least you can nap with Black Rainbow. Mandy sounds like the Red filter would make that tough (and Cage’s grunting…).


Let’s highlight the word keep please.


“I like to call that, ‘The Cherry on Top’.”


I knew it was a mistake to write in. Back to the shadows of lurking for a decade.


No no no no no! No no no no no! Please no!

I loved what you had to say. I was particularly excited that you liked it so much. And Kellywand, the main reason people listen to the show, agrees with you.

Your point about the heavy metal album cover was totally spot on with Tom, and I missed that. And I should have made it clear that your Apocalypse Now reference worked for me. I just couch some of the comments as a question to the other two for discussion purposes. I thought that was a cool parallel, and another thing I missed.

Do not go back to lurking for another decade!


“The cleansing power of fire cannot be reasoned with.”


Best use in all media formats? Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974.


Children of Men?


I still prefer Red Riding. But they are both using In the Court. Points to Cosmotos for using Starless and Bible Black, though he is just trying to push his pretension levels to 11 in the hopes that no one finds out he doesn’t have any original concepts to sell (or he really thinks that is being original. Which is sadder).

I am a Discipline-Beat-Three of a Perfect Pair guy, personally.


So, just for some insight into my dopey process, here’s a couple of pictures of how I prepped notes for last night’s show. This is, of course, after I did my own notes after watching the movie, and then opened the emails to see what folks had to say.

This before picture is a snapshot of how I will recall who has said what, so I can go back to the emails during the show and search for key words to read things I think are interesting, or encourage discussion points based on what a few of you have thought:

As the show goes, I start to make connections to the things Tom and Kelly are saying and relate what the writer-inners have said to those things, or counter them. And I check off the points I’ve tried to hit:

So you can see I missed some key points. @marquac had a weird connection to Friday The 13th that I forgot to get in, as well as saying the music was overpowering in a bad way (which I agree with). He also liked the colors, which I disagree with and kind of keyed into why I chose the Under I chose.

John Thomas-Mason worded something really well, and I meant to read the whole line of his, but I don’t think I did. It was this: “We developed a specific taste for what was acceptable schlock and what was simply trash. I couldn’t define it if you asked, but I know it when I see it. Through it all, I even learned to appreciate those films I had dismissed.”

I really like the way he put that, but I think all I got in was a question about Italian horror. Which is fine, but could have been more…uh…fleshed out.

This is just to say that I love reading your emails, and your comments are valuable. Just because I don’t work them in doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention to them.


“Now show him how much you love me.”


What Dingus said! Pls! I need people like you to make me feel like I’m not all alone with these two idiots!


Do you ever start doodling dungeon floor plans on that graph paper?


I figured he was mapping Wizardry on the back while casting?


I wouldn’t call designing my Dwarf Fortress layouts, which I always do during shows, doodling. That’s serious business.



Why would you go back to lurking? You gotta write in when you see the movie of the week. The guys do like it when the people write in. I don’t want speak for everyone (I’m speaking for everyone) when I say more sending your movie thoughts into the podcast and more pictures of your Skaven army are what is needed.


Also, don’t feel bad if you are in the minority for liking or disliking a particular movie. There was a movie podcast on the newest xXx movie; xXx: Return of Xander Cage which the guys enjoyed a fair bit.

And they were wrong. My reaction to the movie was the correct one.

It also gives you an opportunity to engage in the forum topic to elaborate on why you liked to didn’t like the movie. Dingus gets to read your entire email, but none of the listeners get to do so. And in order to make sure that the pdocast doesn’t go on forever they can’t get to everything someone writes in. I can say that from experience because I will write a ton of stuff and send it off.

If I am remembering correctly, you said that Mandy was your favourite movie of the last 5 years? That is a strong statement. Are you a horror movie fan? What this something that scratched that horror itch? Did you have an idea of what you were going to see or did you go in blind to the movie?

I’m not much of a horror movie fan so I think some of the things that appealed to a lot of people I just didn’t pick up on or appreciate. If we were to go beyond 5 years, where would Mandy sit for you in your all-time rankings for all movies and then just for horror movies?

I’m very interested in what you have to say about the movie @axisandallies, don’t leave me hanging. :)


Wait, for real? Wow, the critic reaction in general was so poor for that movie, I assumed Qt3 reaction would be the same so I put it in my “never watch this” bucket.

This is why I wish the podcast members would tip their hand on whether they liked the movie before the spoiler section starts.


Uh. You actually commented in the thread after @marquac expressed his disappointment in us. And I apologized to him.

But honestly, how can you not like Neymar kicking a napkin dispenser and not taking a dive for once.


Sometimes I carefully tip my hand early on, but it’s more fun to wait.


“Dick, you’ve just entered the Xander Zone.”