Qt3 Movie Podcast: Margaret

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Margaret
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When July 16, 2012

Margaret, the movie Fox forgot, is finally out on DVD. We all think you should see it..

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You guys have such great rapport, especially the moments during a synopsis where Tom and Dingus burst out in laughter, followed by a beat of silence where Kelly is expecting laughs.

Also, too soon on the Raul Julia reference.

Glad you guys are doing this one, I ordered the bluray after a friend recommended the movie. I paused right before Kelly's opsis started.... (well, just because I got home from my run at that time, but still convenient)

This is entirely tangential and based on an off-hand comment, but there's a documentary called Hot Coffee from 2011 which discusses the Liebeck v. McDonald's coffee lawsuit. It's very obviously on the side of the trial lawyers, but since the case has been basically declared frivolous in the American psyche, I think it's worth watching in order to get a different perspective.

I almost said something when that came up, but I didn't want to derail the conversation. I haven't seen the documentary you mentioned, but I'm well aware that the McDonald's case is a bad example of frivolous lawsuits. The restaurant was keeping the coffee at unsafe temperatures and the woman who sued was, in fact, badly injured.

However, I do agree with the basic point that we're a weirdly litigious culture. That the McDonald's lawsuit is a bad example doesn't change the main point. Margaret has a smart perspective on this.

Well player, Mr. O. I would hate to think of anyone listening to the Margaret portion of the podcast before seeing the movie!

I was certain this was going to be an awful movie for an -opsis. I was so wrong.

Oh, I didn't really mean it as a counterargument or criticism of your discussion on the podcast, but I just wanted to add another data point. I do think it's a very interesting topic -- I'm as yet not sure whether the level of litigiousness in our society is justified or not, but I enjoyed hearing the everyone's thoughts on it.

Thanks for this comment Scott!

And ditto what Tom said.


I just watched the 3-hour extended cut of Margaret on the Criterion Channel and it really was excellent. Just a big, sprawling, novelistic, brilliant mess.

The story didn’t quite gel into a satisfying whole but it was always totally engaging with great characters, performances, and Lonergan’s brilliant way with dialogue. And what a cast!

Anna Paquin’s Lisa is one of the most honestly written and portrayed teenage girls I’ve ever seen in a movie. And it’s entirely because of the huge scope of the film that you get such a rich, multi-faceted, affecting character. Very recommended!

Ooh, I’d forgotten you did a podcast on this (or maybe it was before my time on QT3?). I’ll have to have a listen now I’ve seen it.

When can I be on the podcast?