Qt3 Movie Podcast: Mechanic: Resurrection

Because we all wanted to know what happened to Jason Statham’s character after the Mechanic remake — well, “remake” — here is a sequel that reveals all. At the 1:21-mark, we’ll flash our credentials before a discussion of badges and IDs in movies.

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My stupid email went to Tom’s email address rather than the Qt3 General email. :(

I saw that email but immediately closed it because I hadn’t seen the movie yet. I assumed it had been cc’ed where it needed to go. Sorry, Chris.


P.S. Ha ha, you saw Mechanic: Resurrection.

Don’t apologize. It’s my stupidity for not checking it was the right address.

Sorry I missed your thoughts, @marquac. One of you send it on to me or post it here. I’d like to read what you said in either case. That’s one of my favorite parts of prepping for the show, and generally the last thing I do before we record.


“Espresso. No sugar.”

I just sent it to the 3x3 address.