Qt3 Movie Podcast: Neighbors

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Neighbors
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When May 12, 2014

This week we put up with Neighbors. At the 44-minute mark, we trundle into a 3x3 about roller coaster scenes in movies..

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Execrable? Execrable

Dingus, the wooden rollercoaster I mention was the Texas Cyclone at the now closed Astroworld in Houston.

I had forgotten the rollercoaster in Zombieland! I remembered the up and down thing, but not the rollercoaster sequence. I totally should have picked that

I completely forgot about Zombieland! I should have put that on my 3x3

As far as the Harry Potter--its not a rollercoaster--its a mine cart.

Yes, but how did you feel about the coaster in Zombieland?

I didn't see my previous comment show up, so I wrote it again!

Well we included it twice, so I thought you were being meta. I like it, Paul!

In other words, every bit as valid a pick as Temple of Doom! Yay, me!

I haven't seen this since I was 17, however two hands features heath ledger and rose byrne with their australian accents and i remember enjoying it.

37:30 to 38:30 is such a funny miscommunication. It’s the kind my wife and I find ourselves constantly doing (she loved it too.) I’d love to see Lisa Kudrow put an absurdly comic spin on Moira McTaggert at the Hellfire Club.