Qt3 Movie Podcast: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Having listened, Kellywand should definitely watch “Two Lane Blacktop”, and Christien, too. It has Taylor and Dennis Wilson (from the Beach Boys), two non actors, and Warren Oates stealing the show, as he generally did. It’s well directed, and it’s also a look at America as it no longer exists, but an America that us oldsters knew as kids.

(also a hilarious cameo from Harry Dean Stanton)

Amazing final shot, too.

Ah, right, I forgot! Man, that’s a connection I should have made to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


On it, ty! & I already ordered Day of the Locust on Kindle. I remember as a kid being turned off upon learning it wasn’t about an actual giant locust. And covered a longer time period.

I thought the Kurt Russell impression was, well, impressive.

Kyle Chandler doing Kurt Russell doing John Wayne. Far and away my most racist accent.

So, I’m just going to say that this movie didn’t really land for me – Tarantino is hit-or-miss with me – but I really enjoyed listening to you guys deconstruct it. I watched it over the weekend in preparation for the Oscars, and while I didn’t love it, you guys have at least helped me appreciate some of the nuance a little more.