Qt3 Movie Podcast: one-eyed characters


After a brief discussion of some weird German movie Kellywand saw, Prospect, and The Front Runner, we take a look at our favorite one-eyed characters in movies.

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In case what I said sounds enticing:


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Oh boy, I vaguely remember that movie. “Lude” is definitely a specific type of pimp, a very 80s aesthetic I feel.

Fun fact: “actor” Lotto King Karl (literally lottery king Karl) became famous because he won the lottery. Pretty sure this movie is a result of him running the tv circuit back then. edit: wow, after reading up on him, the whole lottery thing was part of the character he played. That’s better. I think.

Kelly, you’re leaving Germany?! I know we live in dark times, but still. I still hold out hope for one more “nicen Sie!”


My visa’s almost up and I have no plans or prospects. Wanden Sie!


That’d do it!



Cutter’s Way
Clash of the Titans



Tom took my favourite, Chad in Living in Oblivion.

Bill Carson/Tuco Ramirez in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Bill’s the real one-eyed character, but Tuco steals the eyepatch, and it’s the use he makes of it in the film that I’m picking it for. Can’t seem to find an apt still, so this will have to do.

The Terminator


Kill Bill: Parts 1 and 2
Code Name: California Mountain Snake

I loved finding out how Darryl Hannah lost her eye and how her fate thematically matched how she lost it.

This cyclops guy

When I think of a cyclops, I think they usually have an eye big enough to fit in the trunk hole of a mammoth’s skull. This guy’s eye was Medium Humanoid size. Makes him seem smarter, anyway, like he could be buddies with Liam Neeson.

Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
Number # 2

Every supervillain worth his salt needs a trusted yet bumbling lieutenant. Robert Wagner portrays a guy who does his best, sometimes knows more than his boss, sometimes lets down his boss, and who looks like he had a shady past, like maybe he drowned his wife in the ocean or something.

“[My] cycloptic colleague”

Runner Up: Nick Fury, naturally


Tee-hee, One-Eyed Willy! Now I get it.


Dammit! I can’t believe I forgot that one.





I love the idea of Bernard Bresslaw talking to his folks on the phone and them asking how his career is going and him answering…

“I’m playing this Cyclops guy.”

“That’s nice dear.”


“Faithful is my middle name.”


I should have figured Kelly would go highbrow this week. Next time I will try to make better guesses.

On the other hand I am very excited to check out Prospect and A Private War. You guys are really not helping my backlog!


I would feel terrible if anybody watched Nekromantik because they heard of it from me. The words came out of Tom’s mouth, though, so I guess I’m clean.

It sounded so enticing that I have huge concerns that the movie couldn’t possibly live up to the description.




Did you say the next 3x3 is about puns? It sounded like you all were saying the word differently each time so I had trouble hearing it.