Qt3 Movie Podcast: Piranha 3D


Maybe someday she’ll be as good as fellow superstar actors Mira Sorvino, Mercedes Ruehl and Marisa Tomei. She needs a couple movies with hobos and giant cockroaches to hone her craft.


Desslock, you need to see Don McKay. And not just to disabuse yourself of any crazy notions about Miss Shue, but also because you should see Don McKay anyway.


“Is that some kind of art?”


You two-thirds pwnt me.


Yeah, Tomei has redeemed herself. At the time it was a joke win though.


Dude, you forget I’m the guy who replied to “best movie” threads by ranking all of the Godzilla films. I’ve seen hundreds of Grindhouse films - I host my own good/bad horror/monster movie party every Halloween.


If I may thoughtfully elucidate, Kelly Brook’s homina-hominas totally void-ray’d my retinas. & my 3d specs weren’t even battery-powered.


That underwater nude dancing girl scene should be up for an Oscar. I love how they used music in it in order to tell the audience “Yes, you’re going to like this scene that much. It’s a work of art I tell you!”


Hey, Kelly Wand. There have TOTALLY been black and white movies in 3-D!


I stand corrected. Damn, RM in 3D? On 50s weed? Can you imagine?


The only reason I knew this: when I was a kid, my VHS copy of Robot Monster actually came with 3D glasses. The Billion Bubble Machine may, to this day, be cinema’s best application of 3D technology.


It Came From Outer Space is a fantastic 3D black and white sci-fi movie to watch. And Creature from the Black Lagoon, of course, but the 3D is better in It Came From Outer Space, even though the movie is worse. Watching on a good OLED 3D TV is amazing just for the feel that you’re on the sets - like you’re time traveling.