Qt3 Movie Podcast Pledge Drive/Listener's Choice Lottery


So we’re having a Qt3 Movie Podcast pledge drive for the next few weeks, announced at the opening of the podcast for Closed Circuit (our 200th episode!). Other relevant news is announced there, but you’ll have to listen to find out what that is. It’ll be revealed soon enough anyway assuming you visit the front page.

The pledge drive/listener’s choice lottery works as follows: donate a dollar using the PayPal button on the front page before September 23rd, and with it, your pick of a movie you want us to see for the podcast. It can be any movie: old, new, classic, horrible, a personal favorite, or even something that isn’t actually a movie, like a documentary. On the 23rd, we’ll use random.org to pick one of the votes, and that movie will be the subject of our next podcast (the September 30th episode). It’ll get the full treatment, including a Kellywand synopsis.

The gimmick is that if you donate more than a dollar, each dollar counts as a vote! So if you really want to subject us to The Phantom Menace or that Star Trek where they meet God or one of the Matrix sequels, consider donating ten dollars to boost its chances. We’ll track which movies are in the top running over the next two podcasts, so stay tuned. And thanks so much for your support, whether you donate or not. We like to say we would do this even if no one listened, but it means so much more to us when we know you guys are enjoying it.


3x3: three-point landings

Thanks for the podcast, I just stumbled upon it a few months ago and I really the movie podcast. Just donated a few bucks for Weekend at Bernie’s.


Thanks for your work to Kelly, Chrisitien and Tom. You know you will get in trouble when you have to watch my pick. THE FALLS by Peter Greenaway, a 3 hour mockumentary about the violent unkown event (VUE).



In case the forum is curious, my vote(s) was for extremely silly Japanese revenge flick The Machine Girl.


Hmmm…the only question remaining is: which Tyler Perry movie will I submit? So many choices…


I am very seriously considering making Why Did I Get Married Too my pick.


I voted for How to Train Your Dragon since that one was sadly missed. :/


Dollar for Shoah! No I’m kidding, don’t hit me!


I want to re-watch The Shining so that got my vote-bucks.


I tossed in some money for three of my favorite films: Army of Shadows, Ivan’s Childhood, and Miami Connection.


This is a great idea – a nice way to motivate slackers like me who like the podcast, but don’t ever think about the Donate button.

Armageddon it is!


Ooh, that makes me want to submit the great Korean movie My Wife Is a Gangster. Hmm!


I can’t wait to donate on Friday for A New Hope. About time the podcast stopped dancing around Star Wars and confronted it head on.


It’ll be hard to hear the podcast with Yakkety Sax running the whole time.


I’ve always been a Benny Hill fan so I’d be down.


this has been on my queue forever and i think you just convinced me to go ahead and watch it

sometime tomorrow


It is absolutely and honestly the most fun I’ve had watching a movie in years.


Miami Connection is painfully bad. It is always fun watching a 30 year old play a college student. Just remember to always be against the ninja. Also Red Letter Media (Youtube Starwars review guys) did a little mini review of Miami Connection that’s worthwhile.


I don’t know if movie theaters charge twelve bucks for a ticket in your respective necks of the woods, but I got you guys tickets for a week of podcasts. Democracy has never been so much fun!


This is such a good idea.