Qt3 Movie Podcast Pledge Drive/Listener's Choice Lottery


Here are the top 10 vote getters so far:

Midnight Madness
Killing of a Sacred Deer
Once Upon a Time in the West
2001: A Space Odyssey
Midnight Run
Crank: High Voltage

I would encourage everyone to listen to the first few minutes of the Red Sparrow podcast, even if you didn’t get a chance to watch the movie.


Will you publish a full list of the submitted movies before the voting closes? Might encourage some late donations to push all the Bai Ling entries into the lead.


Oh, so the name’s Tom read out were just for current the top 10? I was worried my little pledge hadn’t processed.


I thought there was already a Qt3 podcast on this. If not, there totally should be, even ignoring the Bai Ling factor.


Yes, sorry if that wasn’t clear. Those were the movies with the most votes behind them as we go into the final week. When we do the drawing, we’ll tell you guys all the movies and their ranking.

Let me see about posting something here. Should be relatively easy.



That’s great to hear. No worries, I’m sure it was clear, but the podcast usually releases late on a Monday night for me, so I was probably just tired and missed the top 10 part. As always, great episode, and stellar opsis by Mr. Wand!


I’m feeling pretty good about my 50/50 chance of winning or not winning this year.


Since every vote has a 50% chance of winning, and 50+50=100, just donate $2 and you’re guaranteed to win!


There is less than 3.5 hours left to get your vote(s) in for the Make Us Watch Whatever You Want Fund Drive. Just a reminder you can donate via paypal to 3×[email protected] or paypal.me/qt3

Best of luck to everyone.


We’re extending the deadline by 24 hours because we had to delay recording until tomorrow night. There’s still time to send in those last minute votes for whatever anime you most want Kellywand to synopsize!



I got a “Jesus Christ” from Kelly, and that’s worth more to me than gold.


Congrats to @marquac for getting his choice picked for the lottery.


Thank you. :)


And thanks to @marquac for choosing a good movie!


Kelly mispronounced my surname - I feel happy.
My documentary didn’t get picked - I’m a little relieved that I wasn’t the target of Tom’s ire when he found out.

If you can please do see “Mrs Carey’s Concert”, it’s a little ripper of a film. This film really hit me emotionally, possibly because I love music so much. I was blubbing like a baby by the end.


I was the only one who voted fro The Nile Hilton Incident? So it is even more obscure than I thought? It is really, good, you should watch it.


I’m trying to remember why I ordered this thing that just arrived today. I’m sure it’ll come to me.


“Wackos everywhere. Plague of madness.”


That’s one of my favorites! And I’m not really into time travel for the most part.

“Wiping out the human race? That’s a great idea. That’s great. But more of a long-term thing. I mean, first we have to focus on more immediate goals.”


I never really noticed this before, but the three people pictured on that cover don’t look anything like the three people whose names are there.


You just reminded me of a story about a movie where one of the actors on the one-sheet poster thought his head looked too small so he demanded they enlarge his head for the poster. Probably apocryphal, but I remember it going around at the time of the movie. That movie would be…

…and the actor was reportedly Tom Cruise. Who thought his head looked too small.


“I strenuously object.”