Qt3 Movie Podcast Pledge Drive/Listener's Choice Lottery


Well, at least in that poster Tom Cruise looks like Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson looks like, uh… Danny Trejo? and Demi Moore looks like mascara.


Funny you should bring that up. I just saw him in a movie last week:


“I get that you’re upset. We’re upset too.”


Not the actual music, but clearly the inspiration:


No Marquac cameo on the podcast makes me sad :(


That’s a terrible cover. So generic. It makes it look like Universal Soldier or something


I love the idea of worst/best covers as a topic, since you make that point.



Why Did I Get Married, Too? The Goonies, Redline, Rock & Rule, and 12 Monkeys. What do these movies have in common? If you said that each of these movies has at least one cast member who has appeared in a live action comic book movie or television show you would be right. You would also be right if you said that all of them are previous winners of the Make Us Watch Whatever You Want Fund Drive.

That’s right, the Make Us Watch Whatever You Want 2019 Fund Drive is underway. For every dollar you contribute to the PayPal account at 3×[email protected] or paypal.me/qt3, you get a vote for the drawing to be held on the March 18th podcast, so get your votes in by 11:59:59 Pacific time on the night of the 17th).

Make sure that when you donate, you also put in the comment section of your donation which movie(s) you are voting for. The winning movie will be the subject of the March 25th Qt3 Movie Podcast.

Good luck to everyone!


I’m really tempted to make you guys watch The Stuff.


Classic Larry Cohen. He and Michael Moriarty are the Kurosawa and Mifune of crappy 80s horror movies! In fact, I’d go so far as to say Moriarty’s career peaked with Q.

Goofy movie, but Moriarty is giving it way more than it deserves. He seems to have no idea he’s in a crappy horror movie. It’s a pretty remarkable performance.



When did Paypal add fees to transactions like this?!?

I failed at reading and put my vote here instead of in the comment section.

My votes are for this gem: Tel Aviv on Fire.

The Qt3 Movie Podcast 2019 Annual Make Us Watch Whatever You Want Fundraiser is in effect!

The 1 dollar fee is a way to entice us into giving more than a single dollar to express our vote. Damn Tom Chick, having his way with the biggest corporations!


Perhaps this could get pinned for awhile, get more eyes on it that way. :)