Qt3 Movie Podcast Pledge Drive/Listener's Choice Lottery


To be honest, a large part of why I donated some for Miami Connection was just for the possibility of a Kelly Wand synopsis.


Yeah, if they go again, I’m going grandpa and voting for something from the 40s in black and white. Most likely starring Bogart or Wayne.


I first heard about Black Death from Tom on the podcast. My brother saw it first (not sure if it was post or pre Tom’s mention) and convinced him of it’s qualities (I have yet to convince him of the gory qualities of Ironclad) and ever since we’ve wanted a full QT3 podcast on it. Hopefully this can become a more recurring thing so we can try again.


Congrats, Soren!!!


Thanks to everyone for making this such an overwhelming success. We made $1700, which exceeded my wildest hopes. I always figured the podcasts would be strictly a moneysink, and you guys’ generosity completely flipped that around on us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And furthermore, I really appreciated some of the picks and especially the occasional explanations for the picks. I fully intend to see Army of Shadows – you’re right, Anonymgeist/JS, that I was confusing it with Battle of Algiers for some reason – as well as Quid Pro Quo (from the director of Burning Bright!), Seconds, Close to Eden, Miami Connection, and a few other movies I’d never even heard of. What a surprising list of suggestions. I mght even check out this “Star Wars” thing, whatever that it.

We would definitely consider doing this again, but we don’t want to impose too much on everyone’s generosity. We could make it an annual thing, or just throw it open to voting for fun on occasion, or try something new. But however we follow up on this, I speak for all three of us when I say that everyone’s reasponse was a real eye-opener for us. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are awesome.



A while back in the podcast, you guys would describe movies by how much it would cost to get you to go see it. I feel like Why Did I Get Married, Too? is in the $500/person range so it seems like it’s all worked out.


Miami Connection is freakin’ amazing. You will not regret watching it for at least 10-15 minutes.

Oh, and, Black Death… ehhhh. Really did not dig this movie.

— Alan


I think it may be the most fun I’ve ever had watching a film. I genuinely have a hard time imagining someone not enjoying it. I mean, it’s a pretty terrible movie, but it has such a heartwarming and infectiously goofy charm that I came away from it wanting to give the filmmakers a hug.


Man Miami Connection is pretty bad, not in a good way. Whether it’s the concert scenes or the random Asian food eating scenes or the the thirty year old actors trying to play college kids. One of worst scene might be between the old band leader and the club owner. Just poorly made from top to bottom and not in the heart-on-your-sleeve way some movies can get away with.

Come on you guys are just big fans of Dragon Force and their hit song Against The Ninja right and not the actually movie?


You, sir, clearly have no heart.

And it’s Dragon Sound. Ahem.


so it is obvious that it was not in the list when a movie was randomly selected

It is NOT MY FAULT that I did not understand how to donate properly
when I clicked on the links


My movie had a 50% chance of being picked so THIS IS NOT FAIR

NOT FAIR a podcast should be fair

EDIT - I am just seeing if my request is considerED


That may be true but Miami Connection is basically a ad for the main act who happens to be a Taekwondo franchise founder. My bad about the Dragon Force/Dragon Sound mix up.


They did too mention The Neverending Story!


Hah ha. That Tyler Perry movie is a full two hours and 1 minute long, and not available w/ free streaming.

Congrats to those that picked it but… eek. At least we’ll always have the Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Mopsis.

I couldn’t be happier to support the podcast (I picked The Shining, yes the Kubrick Shining). It’s absolutely my favorite podcast. I look forward to dragging myself to see the weekly movie, bleary eyed w/ the wife & kids asleep, and then listen to the show. A highlight of my week.


Thanks, but when the synopsis rolls around, we’ll all be winners. Next week can’t come soon enough. :D


FYI, I also don’t get all the hate getting piled on Rush, which by all accounts is actually a pretty decent movie, faithfully re-creating the drama of the 1976 Formula 1 season, Lauda’s crash at the Nurburgring, his recovery and the fact that he went back to racing while still suffering from freakin’ third-degree burns. This isn’t that Renny Harlin drivel Driven by any stretch of the imagination. The character drama itself is probably a little over the top in building the rivalry, but still the movie isn’t trash.

— Alan


That movie, Why Did I Get Married, Too, was totally worth it… right? Right?


Yes, because of the last 30 seconds. Can’t wait for Why Did I Get Married Again?, starring The Rock!



Man, even though that wasn’t a movie I picked, that was worth every dollar I donated.


I almost dropped a barbell on my chest laughing about the jet skis. That was a good one. Totally worth it. We should do this again some time. Now that I know what to expect, I would totally try for some movies I think you guys would like to see. Or maybe just go with a documentary or something.