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I’m beginning to like this kid, Ma.


Sloth love Dingus!


Man, you guys were too forgiving of this movie on the podcast because “it’s for kids”. I suppose that’s true though. Maybe I was too old for this movie by the time I watched it. I think I was 12. And at the time I was enjoying movies like Terminator and Predator, so a movie like the Goonies that was so blatantly aimed at kids just didn’t connect with me at the time, since I was used to action movies for adults.

Edit: Ha, I just got to the part in the podcast where Tom says the perfect age to view the Goonies is 12. So not true Tom. Maybe 9 or 10. :P On the other hand, maybe other 12 year-olds weren’t enjoying R-rated movies back then like I was.

Edit2: I must have missed the podcast in which you explained over and under. Every podcast I listen to now catches me off guard since you guys never explain what you’re talking about. Over and under what? It just seems to be a chance to talk about random other movies not related to the podcast movie.


Over is a similar movie that each of them thinks is better than the one they watched, and under is one they think is worse. Now, it can get more complicated because Tom and Dingus like to “bracket,” which means they try to make them movies they think are only slightly better or worse. Otherwise, it’d just be Jaws for every Over.


Along the same lines, why is Kelly Wand in Germany? Suddenly Kelly Wand is in Germany and I’m pretty sure he was in California before. It must be a challenge to schedule the time to record the podcast, especially if it’s a mega 2 and a half hour tour de force!


This feature came to be during the Dark Time in our show’s history when Kelly and I had to do the show without Tom for a few months. We lost a lot of listeners during that time, I imagine, so I figure that’s probably why you missed the explanation. I think we announced the feature during Cold in July but marquac is better suited to confirm that than I am.

The concept came from one of our listeners, who posted the idea on the front page. Tom took a liking to it and asked us to start adding the feature. It has stayed with us ever since. Nightgaunt explains it well. And you are kind of right. It is another chance to talk about other movies, although they are not random. They relate to the movie we just reviewed in some thematic way, depending on how we each individually spin it. It’s kind of another point of analysis for us.



Kelly has a writing job in Germany, so that’s why he is living there. And you’re right. It is a challenge. The hardest part for us–me and Tom–is coordinating movie choices with what is released in Hamburg, because sometimes even big releases over here don’t come out there for months. The time issue is hardest on Kelly, who has to get up early and record before work. I have to give him major respect for the way he handles this, since being funny and energetic at six in the morning is not so easy. We’re lucky we have him, because he’s a talented dude and rises to the occasion every single time.



The over/under concept was first brought forward by Disqus user JoeX111 (I’m ashamed that I forgot to give him credit in the thread but I’ll fix that) on the front page comments section of the Equalizer podcast. Dingus and Kelly then did an Over/Under for the first time on the Dracula Untold podcast. With the exception of the Best of episodes, the over/under has been on every podcast since.

Edit: If you want to listen to the very first over/under jump to the 59:15 mark of the Dracula Untold podcast.


Thank you, Chris! I knew I could count on you.



Actually, it’s because I don’t watch many movies anymore that you guys cover. So when I do watch a movie, I do go back to marquac’s master list thread and look to see if you’ve reviewed it, and then go listen to it. That’s when I recently saw Fast & Furious 3 through 7, I went back after each movie (5,6,7) and heard the podcasts right afterward. It can be weird sometimes though, with Tom’s voice changing between 5 and 6 (obviously because of the cancer), and new additions to the podcast. Like Kelly Wand going on about some random movie on IMDB that you have to guess. That’s a bizarre feature too that originated between Fast 5 and Furious 6.

I guess I still haven’t watched any movies that you guys reviewed during the “dark times”, as all the podcasts I’ve heard so far feature all 3 of you.

I’ve tried listening to podcasts for movies that I haven’t seen yet, and that didn’t work out, since I have no clue what’s going on in Kelly’s synopsis.


I can totally understand that. His opses are very inside baseball, which makes the podcast difficult if you haven’t seen the movie. A lot of listeners like that for movies they know they’ll never care about, because he’s so entertaining, but overall I can imagine it being alienating to hear us hold forth in such detail about one thing you have not seen.

As for the shows without Tom…that was a tough time. Some listeners have expressed that it was simply unlistenable for them. I understand and respect that. It became a different show, and we were reluctant to do it without Tom, but he insisted that we keep it going for as long as it took for him to get back because he believed keeping the momentum of the show was of paramount importance. I believe he was right about that, and it ended up working out. From my perspective we did a fine job manning the store for the most part, but the show is better with all three of us. Without a doubt.



I like when Christien hosts the show! He says more words then. He’s pretty good at words. Also I like when Tom hosts the show? And I’m looking forward to the week when Tom and Christien have to do something else and it’s just Kelly.

I’m only about half way through this week’s podcast but it’s already the best podcast anyone ever podcasted.


The Kelly show would be pretty epic. Especially when he makes himself try to guess the IMDb opsis movie.



Wow, unlistenable? I actually really liked the change of pace in those podcasts and the way you were able to draw a lot of thoughtfulness out of Kelly, to be honest. You’re being too hard on yourself, sir.


Obviously, the podcast is best with all three of you, but I kept listening through the Dark Times and you guys held the fort real well. I could tell it could be a struggle to keep the conversation moving sometimes because it’s just less dynamic with two and also because Tom in particular is so good at that. I think the additional segment like Over/Under and the MiniMovieThing helped make it work, though. If anything, I think now you might have too many segments in the show for my taste–with the IMDB synopsis, the What Did We Watch, MPAA Help, Over/Under, 3x3, etc. But it’s the fact that the show has a structure and traditions that is what I think makes it great (in my opinion, the video games podcast needs more of this!)–in addition to your guys’ friendship and rapport–so I definitely don’t complain.


Thank you for the kind words, dwinn, and you too Nightgaunt. I wasn’t fishing for compliments. I’m just sensitive to how hard that time was for a lot of our listeners. Furthermore, I think Tom is probably the best interviewer I have ever heard (or read), and that translates–IMHO–to him being without peer as a moderator. What’s more, he’s one of my best friends and not having him there for this thing that is such a very important part of my life–we’re going on, what? Seven years?–was difficult from a personal standpoint.

He was wise to convince Kelly and me to keep it going during that period. I totally realize that. But I also realize how it was difficult for some fans to hang with it during that time. And that’s okay.

Regardless, thank you for those words.



Please don’t wait another 2-1/2 years before the next listener’s choice lottery. It’s a lot of fun, and I like being able to show my appreciation by tossing a few bucks your way.


I couldn’t agree more.


Jesus, calling the show “unlistenable” during Tom’s treatment is absurdly uncharitable. It’s undeniable that there was a critical piece missing but still really great to have around.

It’s funny I guess that I forget other folks aren’t like me, but I pretty much never miss a podcast though I virtually never have seen the movie in question. Sometimes I go back and listen again when I do see the movie - had to go back and listen to “Drive Angry” after I finally caught it on HBO. Anyway, Kelly’s -opses are usually pretty inscrutable though they’re still a fun listen.


The only thing unlistenable was my voice when I got back. I think it’s getting a bit better – thank god! – but that was a real test of our audience! You know, when a doctor tells you that you have throat cancer, somewhere in the whirlwind of stuff going through your head you think, “Well, at least I’m going to sound like Sam Elliott from now on…”. And then you sound like Pee Wee Herman? Ugh. Unlistenable, indeed.

While I was out, I really enjoyed listening to the podcast for a change. And I agree with Pogue about hearing a Kellywand-opsis without having seen the movie. It’s like Lewis Carroll run through Babelfish a few times.