Qt3 Movie Podcast: Predators

At last it’s a three-way split. One of us really liked Predators, one of us didn’t like it so much, and one of us hated it. Find out who wins! Or, if you haven’t seen Predators, just fast forward to this week’s 3x3 at the 52-minute mark for movies that you can stop watching after the first scene.

Next week: Inception…

Yay! I got a mention in the podcast :)

for the record, Oleg was Karel Roden’s sidekick in 15 minutes not de Niro’s (spoiler alert for Tom’s story) and he actually won one of the ultimate fighting championships. He was freaking crazy and huge and Tom’s story is only one of many wonderful Oleg stories. I should put out a book!

I always loved watching Oleg fight back in the old days of the UFC. Dude was like a real-life Terminator, just absorbing punishment and keeping on coming regardless. I didn’t know he was in this when I went in, so it was a pretty cool moment when he showed up. Now I need to listen to the podcast to hear Tom’s story.

Ah, right, that makes sense. I was thinking that De Niro was the villain. Actually, knowing that Karel Roden is in it makes me almost want to see 15 Minutes. Almost. I’m not sure I can stomach a full movie of Ed Burns.

Glad you heard the podcast, Brian! But I’d have much rather had you doing an impression of Oleg’s “you will fall down”.


Predators was pretty good, but when I was sitting in the theater watching it I kept thinking, “I wish I was watching Predator right now.”

Just got back from seeing it.

This is a terrible, terrible film. Pretty much every Hollywood cliché ticked off, a couple of dumb and pointless twists, hysterical overuse of sound effects for every tiny thing (admittedly that’s very Predator 2), and an entirely unbelievable cast.

Yes, even Arnie as special forces was more believable. At least with him you could believe he might just be able to survive going toe-to-toe with a Pred.

Oh, oh, oh and of course the minigun that apparently fires about 3 bullets at a time and can’t hit shit. Way to ruin the iconic weapon of the first film, guys! These were the worst “ruthless killers” EVER.

Are you kidding? I listen to all of the podcasts! I love it. Dagmar doesn’t like it since I played the avatar one for her. Whatever… women!

It’s funny I talk about Oleg in my acting classes now. No one quite believes it. Did I tell you about the time I was doing a scene with him or something and we had a rehearsal at his house? He said something like “you must stay for bar-be-QUE. I make you blood sausage. It will be wery nice.” and then he and his girlfriend made a crazy bbq complete with pouring vodka over the meat to make sure that it didn’t dry out, and blood sausage (which I didn’t enjoy at all). When oleg got married, the next time he came to class he said something like “now when I have sex with other woman, not my wife, it will be even better.” aahhh russians.