Qt3 Movie Podcast: Prometheus

Ridley Scott’s eagerly awaited sci-fi saga, Prometheus, is here at last. Boy, is it here. It really showed up. It was released like you wouldn’t believe. And we saw the heck out of it and talk about it for exactly an hour. Then we do a 3x3 of awesome nighttime scenes in movies.

Next week: Snow White and the Hunstman, plus a side helping of John Carter

So was it a thumbs up from everyone on the podcast? Or thumbs down? Or was it complicated?

People were like “would you recommend this movie?” and I was like “nah” but then I heard the Prometheopsis so now I have to call people back and tell them to watch the movie so they can listen to Kelly. So it’s your fault if Prometheus makes another 50 million.

I have to say I agree with you guys completely :)

Kelly’s prometheopsis was just perfect.

Tom got pretty aggravated over the movie. The Kelly synopsis is expected to be sacrosanct and Tom interrupted! Early!

I’m curious what @ChristienMurawski ‘s fellow audience member thought was “great” about Prometheus (1:49:13) if he remembers. I love vicariously people-watching extremely satisfied members of the public.

Time to get stoned and ask the question: what if Ridley Scott intended to make a shitty movie?!

I may have to watch this again.

I realized that we’ve all been watching Prometheus the wrong way. We went into it expecting to find the origins of Weyland-Yutani, the Xenomorph, and based on what we learned from the (unforgettably promising) trailers, perhaps even humanity itself. We thought we didn’t get them, so we called the movie disappointing.

That’s not how I watched it at all (heck, I didn’t know it had any tie with Alien before watching it), and I still think it’s one of the many turds Scott let out in the frontyard instead of keeping it for that little shed in the back.

IMO the best thing that came out of the movie was this podcast episode. We had to pull over our car from laughing too much at the prometheopsis back in the day. Maybe I’ll give it another go if it’s available in 4K, because it certainly was a pretty movie.

Suggesting the movie was poorly received because it didn’t answer the questions it asked misses the mark entirely.

Those questions were better off never being asked. I don’t want to know the back story of the enormous chest burster victim in the deserted ship in Alien. I don’t want to know where the xenomorphs come from. The mystery will always be more effective unanswered. (Unless it’s written by Lindelof).

I certainly didn’t need pious scientists and the dumbest crews this side of Friday the 13th camp counselors.


I’ve actually been wavering in recent weeks about maybe watching it, just so I can enjoy the opsis.

Great timing on this article, bringing this up when the movie is not available on any streaming platform in the U.S. Sheesh.

It’s Time to Redeem ‘Prometheus’


Sorry, Mr. Fincher.

Praise Lord, damage has been averted!

It’s definitely worth it for the opsis.

I don’t get it why Prometheus is not liked. The scientists take the role of space assholes and fullfill their destiny. Of course some stupid shit happens, so what. When you are followed by a giant donut-shaped spaceship, maybe take a turn left or right. Keep your helmets on. Mistakes were made. But overall, I like it because I like every SciFi movie. It had some good scenes by Fassbender, Rapace and the Alien.

I rate the Alien movies in this order

Alien 3
Alien 4

I want to watch Prometheus and Covenant back to back soon.