Qt3 Movie Podcast: Prometheus

See I look at that picture and all I can think is, as a guy who wears glasses, how annoying it would be to have to wear a bubble helmet with glasses. What do you do when they start sliding down your nose, just throw your head back and hope they go back in place? What if there’s a speck of dust or drop of sweat that gets on them? It would drive me nuts. Wouldn’t they make like prescription bubbles instead? Hey, I think I just got a great business idea that might be useful in a couple hundred years. Oh, and don’t pet the fauna.

I am like that too, sometimes when walking on a street and I see a cat, I pet her, too. I just can’t help it.

Just another stupid thing about Prometheus. Of course if you are on an expedition into space that would require you to frequently wear a helmet like that, you would either get corrective surgery for your eyes, or more likely the company that hires those people would require 20/20 vision, like the military with pilots, and I assume NASA with astronauts.

Amongst other reads, allow me to recommend Sled Driver (it comes with pictures, and tips on how to deal with space suits). It will answer a lot of your questions and concerns, that I shared.

“He pokes it’s fangs playfully with his neck.”


just rewatched it, rocks! I fucking love rocks now, too.

Why couldn’t Prometheus be more like this

The production values were great, but … O’Bannon is just missing. It is a real miracle what Cameron pulled of with Aliens. We have 2 great Alien movies, that’s it. Maybe the Fincher one, but he killed Newt, so…

also what happened to the Yutani origins movie?? Just sayin’

Everything you need to know is right here:

-Tom, AvP2 apologist

4.6 on IMDB that’s like one point third of a star. Get outta here!

I mean, something can be rated above 3, 4, and Covenant and still be a dumpster fire full of noxious turds.

Hey, you were the one asking about the origins of Weyland-Yutani. It’s all set up at the end of AvP2 and guess what? It’s canon!

Seriously, though, I get that folks don’t care for the AvP movies. Paul Anderson’s stink is all over the first one. But the second one has some really nice R-rated action and practical effects, and it finally realizes every kid’s grandest nightmare: what if aliens made it to Earth? I don’t really care for Predators in my Aliens universe, but if they’ve gotta be there, make it Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.


is the original Predator movie holding up? Haven’t seen it since my youth…

Hell yes. It’s a classic!