Qt3 Movie Podcast: Ready or Not

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Ready or Not
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When September 16, 2019

One wedding and a whole lot of funerals..

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One week later and Tom has already forgotten everything about It - I’ve never even seen one of those movies and even I got the Georgie tagline.

Regarding the satanism coming out of nowhere, Mr Le Bail is a pretty obvious anagram of Belial. It’s not Louis Cyphre level obvious, but still.

Not to mention the grinning Satans all over the family games, the stable full of goats, etc.

Tom’s a regular Ralphie Glick sometimes.

The recurring slander of the awesome TSA agent in the comedy/horror Get Out does not go unnoticed.

More on target, Tom’s misunderstanding of the rules for the family game was maddening.
The box of cards does not print cards!
Every time a new person joins the family, it is the family who adds a new blank card to the box. They presented the box and blank card to the bride and she added it.
This reduces the odds of Hide and Seek being picked as additional blank cards are introduced to the box over the years.
Then the box randomly spits out a card that is in the box. There is no satanic printing going on

OK, upon research I was totally wrong! They do put in a blank card and the devil box prints a game name on it.

I really enjoyed this movie. I like some humor in my horror. Still vaguely unsatisfied that Daniel’s death seemed to be the event that made Alex decide to side with the family.

I don’t think the movie explicitly supports either conclusion over the other but I also tend to believe it was printing the cards. No mention was ever made of people drawing blank cards.

I wonder if they ever have to replace the toner in that box. And does the card ever get jammed up in the rollers? Because that could be potentially embarrassing during a crucial moment of the new couple’s wedding night!

Also, the deck of cards is a way better visual concept. You could fan them out, have cool artwork on the backs, show Henry Czerny doing some kind of fancy shuffling as befits a boardgame magnate, show a close-up of Samara Weaving’s delicate fingers carefully plucking one from the deck. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’ve given this a lot of thought.


I like both for different reasons.

Deck of cards is better if you want to emphasize the randomness and Samarra’s agency (slightly).

Box 'cause the idea of a demon using 1920s tech to personally inscribe each game name live is cool.

Coda: She vows never to date/marry again. Adam Brody (or CG) materializes by her on the steps and introduces himself, “I’m Belial, I wanted you for myself. Your game face was irresistible.”

I’ve had The 1920s Song stuck in my head all week. Thanks SatanKelly!

Hope it doesn’t send you into a Great Depression and/or Prohibition.

I went to see this movie mostly to kill some time before watching the movie i was really there for (Midsommar) and I have to say, I’m glad I watched it!

Like you say in the podcast, it definitely gave off “You’re Next” vibes for me, and I really had to laugh at some of the scenes (the deaths of the maids were all hilarious to me for example).

Thank you for the show!
P.S. For the record I am on Team Kelly regarding the kids exploding off screen - lame!

If you don’t even have the stones to blow up murderous kids in Ready Or Not, why are they even in it, huh.