Qt3 Movie Podcast: Seven Psychopaths

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Seven Psychopaths
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When October 22, 2012

We pretty much agree that Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths is no In Bruges. At the 37-minute mark, we transition to this week's 3x3 of our favorite transformations..

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I cheated the scene in the Let The Right quote -- and The Company of Wolves as well -- because I figured it'd be easier to guess, but I should've known you'd have it covered.

Only because I just watched it, but my pick would be Nick Cage (aka Peter lowe) transforming into a vampire in A vampire's Kiss.

Particularly, when he goes to buy some vampire teeth. The sale's clerk starts out by showing him these fancy realistic looking fangs, but when Peter Lowe checks his wallet he finds he only has a couple of dollars. So he ends up settling for these hilarious 2 dollar plastic fangs. Which results in this funny but terrible scene: http://youtu.be/kfcJUl39iiA?t=...

I've just seen the anime 'Ame and Yuki; the Wolf Children', and they play around with the transformations in that delightfully.

McDonagh seems more adept at writing for smaller casts; it feels like he has to stretch his dialogue to fit a larger ensemble. I'm curious to see one of his plays if that holds up.

On a side note, have any of you read the Cloud Atlas novel? More generally, what kind of expectations do have going in to see an adaptation?

Good observation on McDonagh, Scott. If Seven Psychopaths had been compressed into Two or Three Psychopaths, would it maybe have fared better?

The only thing I know about Cloud Atlas is the three directors, a few cast members, and whatever Kellywand mentioned on the podcast. Oh, and the running time. So my expectations for it as an adaptation are pretty much nil, as they should be. :)

Very nice, Mr. Herb!

You furthermore blinded us with your umlauts. Why can't we have nice things like umlauts in America?

I liked the movie. I thought the comedy was the flippant attitude it had towards its self awareness. Like the whole bit about how none of the female characters say anything meaningful and then they die, and how the movie just kind of shrugged it shoulders at it. I dunno. Anyway I liked it.

But now I want to see In Bruges (or however its spelled) because this isn't the first time you guys have said good things about that movie, and apparently its better than Seven Psychopaths.

I also am kind of tempted to see that film with Channing Tatum and Billie Elliot thats about the sword and sandal Roman legion. The trailer for it made it look super cheesy. I liked Centurion a lot, so I want to see how they stack up if you thought Centurion wasn't any good, but the American-in-Rome movie was better.

I suspect Lilly from V/H/S is meant to be a play on "Lilith"

That's fair.

I was too late on the 3x3 email (again), so here are two of my favorites (both of which I thought would be brought up in the podcast. Certainly the former).

Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, when he goes from broken down farmer to gunslinger/murderer, after hearing of Morgan Freeman's death.

Kaiser Soze

I should add, the transformation in Usual Suspects is interesting because it's the transformation of both characters (Chaz and Kevin). They reverse rolls in about 30 seconds (or less).

I like this one very much, because I like that tracking shot of his feet as he's walking. Nice.