Qt3 Movie Podcast: Sherlock Holmes

Okay, listened to this the other day. First Qt3 movie podcast I’ve listened to, and I really enjoyed it.

I was surprised you guys didn’t like how Holmes and Watson were supposed to be friends but were constantly bickering. Given how many things didn’t work in the movie, I thought their relationship was something that did. They’ve been a “couple” for years. When people get that close over time, that kind of back-and-forth bickering isn’t unusual, even when it’s not a “romantic” relationship. (Look at friends who become roommates.) Add in the tensions from Watson’s fiancee coming between them, and you can see why they’d be snippy.

Also, seriously, guys, can you PLEASE warn us if you’re going to spoil other movies besides the title film? I have Four Months, 3 weeks, and 2 Days in my Netflix queue, and didn’t know any details about the content. So it was pretty frustrating to hear you talking about how you were glad you went into the initial scene without knowing what the context of the scene was, and then proceed to spoil the context of the scene with no warning.

Please tell me that won’t happen again! I’ve enjoyed what I’ve listened to so far (Holmes and the first half of Fantastic Mr. Fox), but that has me a bit nervous about future spoilers.

Denny, I would normally apologize profusely, but I think your expectations are unrealistic in regards to 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days. The movie is a couple of years old and has been widely discussed. Everything we said about it is common knowledge. Also, the 3x3 segments of the podcast intentionally cast a wide net that’s going to include the premise and sometimes specific scenes of a lot of movies. This might spoil certain things for certain people for certain movies, but that’s part of what happens when three hardcore film wonks get to talking.

The approach Christien and I take to movies – hoping to go into them knowing nothing more than the title – requires hard work. No joke. It takes a lot to avoid discussions of upcoming movies, to not watch previews, to change the channel during commercials, to avoid parts of the IMDB page, and so forth. And it’s even harder when it comes to movies that have already come out. There’s only so long after a movie’s release that we can reasonably expect this. It’s one of the reasons I like to see movies when they’re released. It’s really difficult to stay ignorant once a movie has entered the public domain, as it were.

That said, we didn’t spoil anything about 432 that you wouldn’t know if you’d read the synopsis on the front of the Netflix envelope. There’s still plenty for you to discover in that movie.


Understood, Tom… But just a quick “spoiler alert” might be nice if something like that comes up in the future. With foreign films like 4 Days, I think a lot of folks discover them after they’ve been out for a while already. (I tend to discover those on “best of the year” lists and such, since I can’t typically catch them locally.) I don’t think anyone can complain if you mention “oh, yeah, Bruce Willis was already dead,” but when you’re getting into foreign and indy films, just a little “skip ahead” warning would be nice.

I’m the same way when it comes to trying to know as little about a film as possible going in.

Did you really not know 432 was about the “A” word? Because that’s the only thing we spoiled. Beyond that, the experience is going to be entirely intact for the average movie goer.

But if you’re super-anal like me and Christien about avoiding spoilers, good on ya! I can’t promise that we’re going to consider the premise of a movie a spoiler in the future, but we’ll try to be careful to be vague whenever possible.


So I watched Fast Food Nation. I post here because I think this 3x3 is what caused me to put it in my queue. Thanks to Mr. Wand. I suppose I could start a general 3x3 recommendation thread. Meh.

I’m so glad Kelly included this and Tom reinforced the recommendation. Very good film. Much better than I was expecting. And a freaking great example of how an adaptation can be something totally other than its source material. It’s not like it totally tells the book to fuck off, but more like it says, “It’s nice what you did there. Now let me show you what I’m gonna do.” I can’t think of a better way to film this book.

Also, how nice to see Catalina Sandino Moreno getting more work. I don’t recall Maria Full of Grace knocking me out, but I do recall loving her. It was cool to see her again.

Finally, I’m always relieved when Greg Kinnear is used properly. And seriously…how great was Bruce Willis?

Good call, Kelly.


“You should get a clicker.”

This annoys me, too, and it’s something that happened enough times in the original Halloween that I ended up finding a lot of the movie ridiculous because I could never get into it. I think this is a typical movie trick that you can get away with if done well, but McAdams running right for the gap made little sense. Maybe initially she couldn’t see the gap from the distance, but as she got closer, she should have slowed down.