Qt3 Movie Podcast: Super

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Super
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When July 4, 2011

Rather than see the Transformers 3 this weekend, we decided to see a superhero movie that isn't Green Lantern. Join us for a discussion of Super. Not Super 8. Just straight up Super. Spoiler: Tom Chick has already gone on record as being a big fan..

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Anti-superhero movies?

Yamo, it was a failed attempt to play on the term "anti-hero". To quote Billy Bob Thornton when he puts candy corn in the Advent calendar in Bad Santa, they can't all be goddamn winners.

I watched Super after you recommended it and it was damn good, if a little strange.

Which is just what I hope this podcast will be.

Great job as always. Just thought I'd mention I just woke up from a dream where I was in a movie I knew was going to be discussed on your podcast. It starred Helen Mirren and Christopher Plumber, and myself presumably. It involved time travel and being willingly dragged towards the bottom of a deep pool by a asian guy who was perpetually submerged himself. The asian guy felt like he was some kind of hong kong action star. Also, besides the pool part it seemed to take place mostly on an airplane.

I think Tom and Kelly would hate it and Xtien would love it.

Dunn, is this movie on Netflix Instant Watch yet?