Qt3 Movie Podcast: Tammy

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Tammy
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When July 8, 2014

We're all Melissa McCarthy fans. We're not all Tammy fans. To skip the Tammy spoilers, we don this week's 3x3 about sunglasses at the 55-minute mark..

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Hah. You saw They Came Together. That was my fault. Yeah, it seemed like a good alternative to Transformers but... Excruciating. However you're wrong. Michael Shannon is in They Came Together. He's in the last 3 minutes. He's the ex husband out of jail that interrupts the final scene wedding. He's in it for about 45 seconds.

Here's a link to a set picture by the way. It was the best 45 seconds of the movie. Which is a, uh, low bar admittedly..

Wait Tom, are you saying that you don't like Wet Hot American Summer?

Tom hates Wet Hot American Summer, Dingus loathes McGruber, and I consider Police Academy 4: Their Third Assignment the weak link. Just between us, this is the only way I'm able to tell us apart.

I love the voice, don't give up on it !!!

I can only tell us apart in the dark.

Arghhh, I stuck it out for so long in that stupid movie and never even got to the Michael Shannon? Noooooooooo. /Vader

You can say that again... Tell me about it...

While I understand feeling otherwise I *LOVED* THEY CAME TOGETHER! Like, one of my favourites of the year so far loved it. I think it is kind of like the stylised versus camp thing in genre/cult/etc films where some are going for cult and some are going for camp or just are but this film is a very intentional and stylised film.

I agree that if you were out in the first minute it would never bring you in. The commitment to format and its own Hightened dialog while still always making the "weird" choice in the scene worked really well for me.

I loved WHAS as well though so, yeah. At least you gave it a try. I am not sure KellyWand would feel as negatively as the "jokes" all come from somewhere and it is over all cohesive. I also love a inordinately large amount of "Rom-Coms" so maybe I am just the perfect centre of this Venn diagram.

How can anyone hate MacGruber?
That! I cannot fathom.

Ha, well, fair enough. I guess I was a little taken aback and wanted to be certain I understood you correctly. It certainly wasn't the funniest movie I've seen but it was cute and had some great people in it.

In case you're wondering who downvoted your comment, THAT WAS ME.

As long as it was a civil down vote of mutual respect.

An "agree to disagree" situation.

BTW, Sarah Baker (Becky in Tammy) was in episode 3 of Louie this season. She was great in that as well. Louie really killed it this season, but Sarah definitely stood out.

Anthony Edwards and Nic Cage were both in Fast Times. I believe they (and Eric Stoltz) were all in Judge Reinhold's restaurant. I believe they were customers, and there was some kerfuffle about their lack of shirts.

Whats up with the new Apemovie podcast guys? Cold turkeying here...

Sorry about that Fritz. Due to some late travel plans we had to do the podcast later than expected. And then...uh...it ran kind of long as we got carried away. It will be posted today.