Qt3 Movie Podcast: the 2009 Academy Awards

Tom Chick, Christien Murawski, and Kelly Wand on the 2009 Academy Award nominees. Who was nominated, who wasn’t nominated, and who would we each pick for the categories? What’s the difference between sound mixing and sound editing? Why was Avatar robbed of its nomination for best animated film? How much longer before we have to say “Academy Award winner” every time we say “Sandra Bullock”?..

Sound editing includes designing, recording, processing sounds. I think this award was called “Best Sound Effects” some years ago.
Sound mixing includes placement of those sounds and mixing them with dialog and music, in other words crafting the overall soundscape of the film. This used to be called simply “Best Sound”.

Also, an easy argument can be made that “Animation” categories should exclude “Motion Capture” by definition as there is limited work done by animators in that case.

Tom, do you realize there’s an extra ten minutes of you guys shooting the shit at the end of this podcast?

Ooh, any good hot mic gaffes, like wanting to cut the nuts off Obama?

Yeah, that got replaced by a properly edited file shortly after I posted it. Only the early adopters got treated to the behind-the-scenes version. Consider yourselves extra lucky!


Boy, that baby rape joke at 01:43:05 was pretty unexpected stuff.

Brad, what the hell? Don’t tip them off!

OK, that podcast kind of sucked. Sorry guys. I’m just wondering if Kelly Wand and Tom Chick are so dismissive of the Oscars and hated this whole exercise, why did they even agree to do this podcast?

Anyway. I totally agree with Xtien on a lot of the comments. Like Avatar and Sherlock Holmes getting nominated for the soundtracks? Is that a joke? They were so bad! That’s like Patch Adams getting nominated for that award! (Patch Adams was the first movie I remember watching in the theater where the soundtrack was so over-the-top-melodramatic that I was completely taken out of the movie and I got really mad at the person who did the score. From then on, I’ve paid a lot more attention to movie soundtracks. Thanks a lot Patch Adams composer).

I did it at gunpoint and sincerely apologize both for my lameness and for legitimizing the Oscars by talking about them for so long.

Since 2/3 of you hate the Oscars, you may have wanted to go a slightly different direction.

Actually, now that I think more, since this is a QT3 movie podcast, why not make your own awards. Or let the board design the categories, then you all make your picks in podcast form and let QT3 make its picks in an attached thread.

You could skip all the boring technical awards, add some fun ones, and make it a QT3 yearly event all at the same time.

But I like the boring technical awards! It’s good to see dedicated craftsmen and -women get their due.

That’s a bit like saying don’t bother reviewing movies you know you’re not going to like. Those are generally the most fun!

I don’t really understand how most of the Oscars works. I barely know what cinematography is, never mind the difference between sound mixing and sound editing. Also, how can you have a best director without at least one of the performances from that movie nominated for best actor or actress? Or a best picture without a nomination in the best screenplay category?

Okay, so I kinda know what cinematography is, or I think I do, at least. So where is The Road in this category? That shot of the railroad crossing with the broken telephone poles was incredible. Did the filter change during the scene with Garret Dillahunt make them write it off?

Plus they don’t even give out an Oscar for Best (sorry, I mean “Outstanding”) Movie Podcast. Racists!

Except in this case the opposite happened. Most of the podcast sounded like teeth getting pulled to make them talk. Some of what they said expressed confusion about the Oscars and its categories. Off the cuff can be entertaining, but here it added a lot of essentially dead air while they talked about not knowing the difference between the sound oscars, etc. I feel like this needed a game plan going in. Let’s only talk about these categories and lets approach the discussion with 1) who should win from the nominees and 2) who would we pick regardless of the nominees. Instead, I felt like I had to listen to them figure it out. When they got going, they had some interesting things to say, but there was a ton of dead weight in this one.

Just like the actual Oscars!


Well played, good sir. Well played.