Qt3 Movie Podcast: the 2021 Academy Awards

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: the 2021 Academy Awards
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When April 21, 2021

We choose our picks for this years Oscars, but we don't limit ourselves to the nominees. So many overlooked movies, so little time....

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Aw man, I hadn’t heard about the Richard Stanley allegations and the subsequent studio severance. That sucks!

It’s a good thing this wasn’t a 3x3 or Tom would have been pulled over for Hamilton. That’s like five violations in one!

Tom: I have not seen Mulan. I did not know that was a live action movie, I guess it is.
Kelly Wand: Racist.

Wait, Tom is turned off when a movie is based on a play? Why? To me that’s a huge incentive to watch a movie, because it usually means it relies more on good dialog, and has better writing than the average movie. (Since plays have to rely more on dialog and writing).

I’ve never heard of “the Father” before this podcast.

It often means a paucity of scene locations, and can usually be filmed on a soundstage. The dialog is scripted to allow voice carriage and deliberately eschews scenes that would require subtle acting and expressions that would be hard to see from 20 rows back.

@Kelly_Wand and @tomchick:

See WOLFWALKERS already!

(Christien would have loved it.)

For real.

I love that Vast of Night is getting some love on the podcast. :)

I’m so glad you weren’t onboard with Mank either. I do not understand the hype. I thought Oldman was just doing a variation on his witty miserable drunk routine from the Churchill movie (I hope he doesn’t turn into “howdy pardnurr” Jeff Bridges and just does slurring drunks from now on) and I thought the black and white was used to absolutely no effect.

Couple of good lines here and there, but mostly just gimmicky Oscar bait. Yuck. Loved Amanda Seyfried though!

It was funny hearing your take on Another Round. I’m Danish, and I watched it and I thought “This is so much a picture of contemporary Danish malehood and drinking culture that I can’t imagine people from somewhere else not feeling completely left out”.

It’s super duper danocentric. I’m a little surprised it got the best director nod given that, but I loved it.

I thought Mads Mikkelsen knocked it out of the park. You have to leave your Pusher/Valhalla Rising baggage at the door, but I think he’s extremely good in that role as a human void that is totally dependant on everyone around him for validation. I was on the fence at first, but man, that dude can act.

And we got to see his dancing chops in that super weird scene towards the end. What a treat.

It’s going to be a really fascinating Oscar night this year, given the very different movie landscape from a year of pandemic, and Hollywood holding back a whole lot of films from general release.

I think if you want to make a case that this will be the most formful of Oscar years, I’m open to that. I can absolutely see a scenario where establishment Academy members have no idea whom to pick in these smaller films this year, and just go with the industry buzz across the board because that’s easy and they’re lazy.

But I also think if you want to make a case that we’re going to see more upsets this year because of the physical separations and barriers between Academy members because of Covid…I’m open to that, too. The volatility present in this landscape this year makes it far more likely that we see a few complete, out-of-the-clouds upset winners this year.

I think the most contentious category will be Best Actress, where you’ve got two formidable acting geniuses in Viola Davis and Frances McDormand stalking a VERY narrow favorite in Carey Mulligan.

I really enjoyed reading your post @MelesMeles. It’s cool to hear a Danish perspective on a Danish made film.

But it’s a movie! On Disney Plus! Based on a musical! So, basically, Cats but not weird.

Okay, queued up. But a cartoon? For kids? From your screenshot, it looks like some sort of Adult Swim trifle.

Which absolutely made the movie worth watching for me! That whole finale scene was so joyous, such a fantastic place to bring that movie and those characters.

Throughout the rest of the movie, I kept thinking that I just don’t get drinking, but maybe it’s just that I don’t get Danes! And I still think Mikkelsen is miscast, but you’re right that he’s one hell of an actor.


It’s a live filming of a stage production. So maybe it’s actually a documentary. Or, stand-up specials are now movies.

As they say in Mortal Kombat: FATALITY.

But, yeah, I freely concede that I liked Hamilton so much that it made me rewrite the rules and hope no one would notice. :)


I mean…I am intrigued…

Do Adult Swim trifles feature Oliver Cromwell among the cast of characters? NO THEY DO NOT!

Whoa, you guys were not kidding. This was flippin’ awesome! Just, flat-out enchanting! One of the few movies from last year that I wished I’d seen in a theater. Gorgeous aesthetic, sort of modern animation with a detailed wood-carving texture for background. So expressive throughout, and I didn’t even mind the occasional multi-panel comic book layout. Although it’s clearly made to be palatable to children, I got totally lost in it. I loved the writing, the story, the two lead actors, and the sound design. I also loved that song, “Running with the Wolves”, which I was wondering why it wasn’t nominated for Best Original Song? And then I discovered, oh, not only is it not original to the movie, it’s five years old. Which just makings that “Running with the Wolves” sequence all the better for how well it’s tailored to the five-year-old Aurora song.

I guess now I need to see their Kells and Song of the Sea movies?


God yes. Even better than WW, in my family’s opinion (and we did love WW).

I think Wolfwalkers is their style of filmmaking at its peak (thus far). But yeah, you still get to see all their formal art innovation at play in Secret of Kells. And, I assume, Song of the Sea, which I still haven’t seen.