Qt3 Movie Podcast: the 2021 Academy Awards

Promising Young Woman just won best original screenplay! Tom will be excited.

I have to admit I’m really enjoying the awards this year. I wonder if it’s because of this Qt3 movie podcast? I think it is. Usually I don’t know enough about the movies to be really have any real knowledge about them. But this year thanks to Tom and Kelly I knew so much more about these movies.

Really wish they would show more clips.

Woah. The award for Best Picture is not the end of the show!

Best Actor and Actress Oscars still to go? How bizarre.

Edit:. Wow that was fast. I guess they rightly figured most people don’t care about these two awards so they put them at the end and got them over really quickly.

Confession: I think I like this smaller, more intimate format for the show.

The little speeches where they honor the artistry of each of the nominees got really tired, really fast, strained and generic.

Otherwise I didn’t mind the format.

They’re the two most interest-drawing awards of each Oscar Night, other than Best Picture.

This year I think Best Actress was the most heavily bet category due to the perceived three-way dead heat between Mulligan, Davis, and McDormand.

And Francis McDormand’s acceptance speech just before the best actor award was so weirdly brief, it was a real one-two punch of an anticlimax. Strange.

Nomadland, huh. Eh.

I really do think they set up this emotional finale with Boseman winning Best Actor, and then that didn’t happen.

Oh yeah, I completely buy that. I just meant it sure felt strange as a result of that plan backfiring and the sort of unrelated coincidence of the brevity of McDormand’s speech only added to the effect.

That sounds like hyperbole…

Did they have a family member or someone else from the movie set to receive the award on his behalf if he’d won?

Agreed with Wholly that the short speech from McDormand and then no one receiving for Anthony Hopkins just made it seem like they hurried through these last two awards to quickly end the ceremony.

How weird was it for an Academy Award winner to thank Electronic Arts and Respawn btw? I had no idea they made a short film. Looking it up this morning, it was for the Medal of Honor VR game, which is why I never heard of it.

Here it is on youtube:

Welcome to social media. A wide world of wonder awaits you.

Sir Anthony didn’t bother showing up last year when he was nominated either, but it seemed obvious that an 83yo wouldn’t bother flying around the world during a pandemic for an awards show. Especially when he already has a Best Actor trophy.

Here’s his thank you.

It’s clear the producers assumed Chadwick was going to win it and the final speech would be his widow accepting.

I don’t understand why this happened. Why could the producers not find out if Boseman actually won? Of course the announcer, stars and audience don’t know, but surely the high level exec who ordered the change could find out and keep a secret.

I think until the envelope is opened on stage, the only folks who know the winners are the high up accounting firm folks who tabulate the results.

Sometimes opening the envelope doesn’t even help.