Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Face of an Angel


The Wolverine wrong...I just smacked my forehead when I read that. Yeah, I missed the boat on that one.


That's actually a fair distillation of the point. I have to remember the way I quote movies (and those in my circle) is different than many other people. When I first read that sentence, it really took me back to the first time I was exposed to the Coen brothers by my college friends. They demanded I see Raising Arizona when they found out that not only had I never seen it, I had no desire to. It looked like a baby-diaper comedy on par with Mr. Mom. No thanks.

So they twisted my arm and I, of course, fell for it immediately. And we quoted that move ad nauseaum. Lebowski just doesn't resonate with me like that, but that is personal, not cultural, so I find your distinction apt.


I’m going through and watching podcast movies I missed years ago. And I am completely befuddled as to how this turd of a film, The Face of an Angel, was picked for the show. I think this is the worst movie I have ever seen. It is even worse than that Canadian rock opera cartoon you guys were forced to watch for your annual fundraiser. And then you still go through the motions of recording an episode for it! Why??? Who picked this terrible excursion? I am going to make more accounts on DVD Netflix just to give this thing more 1-star ratings. Or maybe I should break the disc so nobody ever has to watch it again. And then surprise surprise, you barely talk about the flick on the show or this thread.


Believe me, sometimes I am too. But seriously, in general sometimes it’s a perfect storm of what we hope for (we’re fans of Michael Winterbottom, for instance) combined with what’s available to Kelly in Germany or Canada or wherever.

Because we’ve scheduled the show, let listeners know what movie we were going to see the week before, and going to see movies is expensive in a variety of ways (even if there was no theatrical release). So once we’ve scheduled it, we’re not going to drop it just because it’s bad. Now, to be sure, we may end up talking about a bunch of other stuff under the guise of doing a review of the movie at hand, but as the philosophy of the show is that it’s three friends having a conversation after seeing a movie, that works. Think of how such a conversation might work with your friends over drinks after seeing a movie that sucked, wherein somebody said, “That sucked. You know what I saw this week that’s better?”

That smacks of justification, but in general it works out.

[In related news, there is a protracted discussion of Remo Williams in the opening section of the podcast, because Tom watched it. And I just remembered that he reveals during this discussion that it’s based on a series of novels called The Destroyer novels. Destroyer. Hmm.]

I always love it when somebody like you goes through older shows and posts about them years after the fact. I really do.


“You cannot tell the truth if you make it a fiction.”