Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Favourite

Is this the one about Queen Elizabeth?

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I think gout is a build up pee crystals in the joins of the extremities, and it’s on the rise again because of our crappy diets. Happy new year.

I laughed out loud at Tom’s seemingly accidental “giving birth to a hare” coming so soon after discussion of the bunnies.

The discussion of blurring the line between movies and TV was interesting, partly because I somewhat disagree that it’s happening increasingly, at least in the UK. What you were describing, and to be fair you did touch on it by referencing the BBC, is just how most TV drama that isn’t soap opera is made in the UK. Self contained, relatively short stories with a single (or joint) creative force guiding the whole project. The only thing increasing is the budget, and not even that in recent years. The other part is that I was struck watching The Favourite by how much it reminded me of Julia Davis’s wonderful show Hunderby. It’s not a direct tonal or plot comparison, but a) they both play with expectations of behaviour and language in a period drama, and b) Davis’s character is an almost perfect amalgam of Sarah and Abigail from the Favourite.

Hunderby looks magical; as the resident unqualified Favourite enthusiast, I’ll check it out, thanks. U.S. shows pad everything unbearably; prime example of cash flow at the expense of creative quality. I’m hate-bingeing American Horror Story and it’s still taking forever. 4-6 hour premises stretched to 13 hours; even says American right on the label.

Oh, yeah, also meant to comment that the fish eye lens thing also seemed like kind of a TV thing to me. Reminiscent of the visual ostentatiousness you fairly often see as, for want of a better word, scenery on TV but less so in movies - certainly period dramas anyway. I’m thinking of the slow-mo interstitial shots in Green Wing or the mind palace stuff in Sherlock. I’m not convinced it was entirely about conveying/exaggerating the length of the halls etc — a fair few of the fish eye shots were in the woods.

The Night Porter is way, way better than The Night Manager, Dingus.

Comparing a beer to a TV show is weird, Bruce.


“You’re pretty when outraged.”

Well, 1) no way, and 2) The Night Porter is NFD: Not For Dingus. It did a real number on my adolescent brain. I seem to recall something about Charlotte Rampling and jam?


There is a lot of Charlotte Ramplings.

Does this have animal torture? Because I will walk out of that shit like I walked out of The Fucking Lobster.