Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Goonies

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Goonies
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When February 29, 2016

The listeners have spoken and we have listened, so this week we watch The Goonies, the winner of the 2016 Make Us Watch Whatever You Want Fundraiser-palooza..

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I confused this movie with Gremlins.

Ladyhawke soundtrack wasn't Tangerine Dream - that was the problem. If it was TD it would have been good.

Shit, you're right. This calls everything I thought I knew based on vague conjecture into question.

I think Josh Brolin was completely upstaged by the little girl that he steals the bike from.



I forgot, just as you guys did, to talk about how many 80s artifacts are in this movie. There's Cyndi Lauper, of course, but there's the Michael Jackson thing, both Mouth and Mikey's jackets (Members Only and Jean, respectively), MAD magazine, and Pole Position. There's also a blatant shot of a Nike shoe coming down the ladder under the fireplace that made me wonder if James Cameron was involved somehow.

The Goonies podcast breaks the record for longest running time by an appreciable margin.

Hey, you guys.

Man, Ladyhawke! I haven't thought about that movie in forever. I remember going to see it in the theater and I haven't seen it since, though I remember really liking it. I gotta find out if that's on Netflix or something.

Sorry about that. Things got a little out of hand.

No need to apologize. I think it's pretty cool that the listener chosen show should be the record holder.

Yeah, you're right Peter. I shouldn't have let that go by, because I knew it wasn't Tangerine Dream. It was a guy named Andrew Powell who only composed one other movie (Rocket Gibraltar) and I had that in my notes. But I had a lot of notes this week, so I just missed this one.

Thanks, Chris. What annoys me is that even with all that time I still didn't give all of the notes the two listeners sent in full respect. It's difficult to work them in, but they are often so good.

Don't forget BMX, which you mentioned in your email. I think the Pole Position thing was great, and your comment that you had the jacket Mouth wore was awesome.

Best of all was the picture you sent. I immediately shared it with Tom and Kelly. Because that was just too good.

Also I agreed with you on the girl stuff, and I forgot to bring you in on that. I said it was all about them getting to kiss (or something, I can't remember all we said since we talked for about 24 hours it seems) and you rightly said that the girl stuff seems to be that it's okay to like a boy.

I loved your email, Brian. Thank you so much.

Line of the podcast: "She jumps off a mountain.... and you're stupid..." - Kelly Wand

Also, nobody brought up "Johnny Cab" from the original Total Recall....

Is that why you never watch it past midnight?

Psst. Don't tell Cathcart, but I've never seen Gremlins either.

Thanks, Christien.

I was thinking about this some more over lunch. Tom mentioned a few times, "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was our Goonies," or something like that. I can't remember the actual movie now, but I don't think it wasn't something that contained as many cultural references as it seems The Goonies did. I have literally done almost every thing The Goonies do (prior to confronting the Fratellis). I read MAD, played Pole Position, and, even though he didn't use a zip line, my brother ran into the house one day, straight through the screen door. I wondered how younger kids would look at these things, and feel that I could point to it and say, "This is exactly how it was then." What movie(s) do you guys feel are a perfect rendition of your childhoods?

Well St. Elmo's Fire, obviously.

Kidding. I'll need to think on this. I don't think it'll be an adventure movie. I imagine it'll be more of a family drama.

The cab ride with Bob Hoskins is in the Long Good Friday, not the Long Goodbye.