Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Hateful Eight

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Hateful Eight
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When December 29, 2015

It's a harsh two-to-one split on Quentin Tarantino's latest. At the one hour mark, we bring to light our favorite candle scenes in movies for this week's 3x3..

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If TV shows are fair game for afterword 3x3 choices, how could we not include Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, episode 2 Hell Hath No Fury, wherein we see the titular character emerging from an elevator to run in slow motion through a room full of lit candelabra. Don't forget, anything that wasn't dialogue was considered for Slo Mo as episodes were running 6 minutes short...

That's a cool addition to the 3x3 listener submissions. Also, the last 10 minutes of the podcast are very funny.

I'm glad to hear that it came across that way, Chris. When we closed the show it felt like it was a really good show, which gives me this great buzzed feeling. Of course that means I'll be up most of the night as I come down, but that's a small price to pay.

Glad it worked for you in particular.

I like the new addition to the listener stuff too. It's something for listeners like you, in particular. As you should know. It's going to be interesting to see how we implement it, and I'm sure we'll be open to suggestions.

Almost Happy New Year!

Things got ribald during this week's 3x3, and I for one found it massively entertaining. I've had some good laughs with this pod over the years, but I don't think any were more hearty than Kelly Wand's digression about the tastes that "taint" his experience.

So nice to hear Dingus slag Kill Bill. I hate those movies almost as much as I do Deathproof, and I am constantly having people tell me they are great.

If it matters, I love both Kelly Wand's Carrie Fisher voice and his first draft of the Harrison Ford voice, where he sounds like one of the grandparents from Willy Wonka.

Also, speaking of authentic touches in Wolf Hall, I think especially of how Thomas Cromwell doffs his hat when meeting literally everyone and how he almost never speaks to his betters except when they speak to him first. I've had friends to whom I've shown the miniseries who find the "passivity" of their ostensible protagonist off-putting, but I find it so engrossing, all the historical details that Peter Straughan and Peter Kosminsky wove into the production.

The Carrie Fisher voice is nails.

It's really depressing when directors get too big to be told no; Scorsese, Scott, Speilberg, Tarintino, all directors I used to look forward to their movies that now I dread. A good editor is a writer/directors best friend, but as was said, once a director gets big enough, everyone is scared to offend their ego by saying 'no.'

Slightly off topic, but this happened with the 'Song of Ice and Fire' books that 'Game of Thrones' is based on. It was originally going to be a trilogy, but no one could tell Martin to reel it in, so now we have 5 books that slowly spiraled out of control and a planned two more that would have to be 2000 pages each to wrap up half the storylines that have been introduced.

It seems to be a near-universal issue with long-form genre writers. My favorite sci-fi author, the late Iain M. Banks, had a mildly depressing arc with the quality of his "Culture" novels: they stared out good but lacking focus, gradually improved until Use of Weapons and Excession (some of the finest science-fiction works ever written), and then began to be smothered as Banks had less ideas and less interest in pruning away the bloat. I think it's just something that internet culture and auteur obsession promotes.

Frankly, Wolf Hall should be eligible for one of the top ten movies of 2015.

Happy New Year!

Maybe the BBC will cut it together into a six-hour marathon someday
and allow us that fib... Anyway, I regret that I have only one upvote to give.


"Seeing The Hateful Eight on Christmas Eve cheered me up" should be on the DVD case.

If you also liked H8, just push through the review and get ready for one of the BEST 3x3's in recent memory.

Hoo boy, that porn conversation was hilarious.

Sometimes I'm happy I don't remember everything we talk about during the show.

Christopher Nolan asked about similarities with The Thing, Quentin Tarantino answered, he also explained the feeling he experienced watching The Thing for the first time: paranoia bouncing off the walls... - the same feeling he tried to achieve with his own film.
No matter what Christopher Nolan said, Tarantino has failed to achieve that feeling. The Thing is a masterful blend of suspense, paranoia and terror, while The Hateful Eight isn't.