Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Hustle

What if Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway teamed up for “comedic” effect?

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I’m so happy you guys are enjoying Patriot - one of my favourite shows from the last couple of years - darkly comic, excellent music and wonderful central performances. It’s great.

We’re all McMillan men now.

Ah this is the movie @marquac didn’t like very much.

I’ll rent it eventually to see Anne Hathaway, but my overall expectations are very low. :)

For some reason I thought Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was Steve Martin and David Niven.

Close: it’s Steve Martin and Larry Niven.

This is Chris Addison’s first directed movie and he didn’t write it. I like to think it’s just industry breaking in work, like Kelly said. He directed some very good Veep episodes in addition to his comedy acting work.

It’s so solid. I’m surprised that I like it so much given that the main character is such a pool of despair. But I can understand that, and I think Michael Dorman handles the balance quite well. It’s a tough role to play, doing a sort of blankness with emotional raw pain. It’s kind of beautiful really. And I think the weird songs he makes up helps him convey this.

I’m so glad Tom recommended this to me. It’s up there with my favorite things I’ve watched recently TV-wise. Like “The Night Manager” and “Killing Eve” and “The End of the F***king World”…and others.

Happy we got to talk about it.


“It concerns Twizzlers.”

Little known fact, Rebel Wilson has a BA in law. For The Hustle, which she also produced, the MPAA originally gave the film an R, so she went to the MPAA and contested it, arguing that the rating was sexist, and citing multiple examples of male-centric comedies which were far raunchier yet were given PG-13 ratings.

And she won.

Just in case you needed another reason to love Rebel Wilson.