Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Legend of Hercules

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Legend of Hercules
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When January 14, 2014

It's January. Boy, is it January. And what a January it is with Kellan Lutz in The Legend of Hercules, a movie that sets the bar for Januaries to come..

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I didn't even know this existed, having just watched the trailer all I can say is wow! oh boy! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!


Haha, I can't wait to listen to this podcast!

You guys are fighting the good fight and seeing the terrible January release so you can bring us the best synopses. Thank you!

The opsis (thank you Kelly) and the discussion was worth it. Thanks, guys. (Scary that this movie makes you long for the Titans movies.)

IMDB has Rip Torn roles as recent as 2012.

I did think The Hobbit 2 was off the table. I was highly tempted to pick Memento, but was certain I'd be scooped. That's true from a certain point of view, anyway.

Personal favourite movie lie would be the one that sets up Moon. But I think I like it because Duncan Jones doesn't bang it over your head when the 'twist' happens. I felt it was so well done that I wasn't quite sure what I believed was going on myself. Is this a hallucination? Is he a clone? What's up with the robot?

Kellan Lutz? Isn't that like an ice skating move or something?

I want to know how Kelly thought to say "That's his Hackman" so quickly. It was demonically fast.

I think it's his special "glaucoma medicine" that helps with his speed talking, Dave.

I'd love for you to elaborate on this, Rory. It's such an interesting choice. But I'm always so loathe for folks to talk too much about what happens in Moon. This is a ridiculous stance to have for a movie that came out five years ago--I realize that--but I so loved experiencing Moon as it revealed itself that I can't help it.

I like this choice.

You've got it, Jay. We do it for you, and also we do it also because of the legendary Promise of The Grey. Maybe, somehow, we'll find a gem.

A podcast can hope, can't it?

Happy to! Spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen Moon (You're mad if you haven't)

I think it's because on the surface it's a lie that has only emerged because of a glitch in the system. New Sam is overly inquisitive and gets past GERTY and the base security and the lie unravels from there.

I liked that old Sam doesn't immediately jump to the conclusion that we all know. His body has fallen apart enough that he's decided that it's a hallucination, going as far as to ignore it as much as possible, thinking he's arguing with himself. It takes a physical fight and GERTY to intervene for the full truth to come forth.

But under the surface this lie has caused untold emotional pain to one person an untold number of times. I don't remember exactly how many years the program has run, but with every 'generation' is two years of no human contact as communications are permanently jammed. He has a wife and daughter who he never gets to speak to, and who knows what the revelations at the end mean for them. His body degrades as he comes to his end, and the day that he counts down to every day for two years is the final betrayal. The lie runs so deep that GERTY is programmed to de-construct his model every generation.

It's such a horrific lie to be the subject of. Your life created for the only purpose of being a tool. I suppose there is a slavery parallel to be made but I don't want to overstep my bounds, and the moral implications of clones as a workforce is just too complicated a subject.

But yeah, it's a lie that the more you think about, the worse the lie gets. That all said, Duncan Jones seems to be thinking about a sequel, which is a shame, as it stands up so well on its own that it would be a shame to dilute it.

I'm always behind with the podcast, so I usually think it's pretty pointless to post anything as it's become yesterdays news, but, i just had to pipe up this time.

Without doubt the greatest synopsis ever heard! I've listened to it three times now.

I haven't seen the film, i have no intention of seeing it. Thank you QT3 for doing the dirty work.