Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Rover

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Rover
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When June 23, 2014

If we learned one thing this week, it's not to steal Guy Pearce's car. At the one-hour mark, we switch on this week's 3x3 of our favorite appliances in movies..

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I think I loved the Rover. I mean as much as you can love something that makes you sick to your stomach. Looking forward to hear the discussion.

Should've given the nod to 'They Came Together' for next week's movie!

can we start a petition to make 'pretty girl rock' the new dwight twilley song

actually don't worry about it, i'll just retroactively edit it into all forthcoming podcasts for myself

Did the 3x3 crew generally like this movie? I listened up to the K-waopsis because I wanted to avoid any spoilers, but I couldn't tell what the vibe was.

Well, you can listen to this podcast to find out, CB!

Or wait until the end of the year. I'm pretty sure we'll be talking about this movie again. Spoiler alert.

Regardless, please see it. Please please please.

Oh I was trying to avoid any spoilers because the premise sounded like something I'd be interested in, so I refrained from listening to too much of the podcast. I'll listen to the podcast after I see the movie. "Please see it. Please please please." is a ringing endorsement if I ever heard one.

Definitely wait to listen until after you see the movie. We all fully support this policy when it comes to a movie like this.

My condolences about your pet, KellyWand. :<

Ok, I saw Young Sherlock Holmes, I saw the flying machine and the dream sequence where the pastries assault Watson. Now you need to see Goonies.

Ok, I can't take anymore. I don't know if Dingus is joking around anymore but his shortness with Kelly is really starting to grate on me and I am enjoying the podcast a lot less. I've listened to a lot of the archives over the past few months and I used to like the banter and Dingus' good natured laugh but lately the 3x3 makes me really uncomfortable. I THINK (and I know I don't have any behind the scenes knowledge and don't participate in the forums) that one of the worst incidents was when Kelly tried to do some sound effect and it was mostly silent for a while and then I could just FEEL the tension on the podcast after that. Is it just me? I hope so because I really liked to think you guys were all super good friends but the podcasts as of late feel tense to me. Do you dudes need a break? Maybe don't have Kelly on the 3x3 and just Tom and Dingus?

Anyway, I hope things get better. I really like the Qt3 movie crew a lot and the weird tension (again, maybe it is just me) is really off putting. Thanks for lots of entertainment though, guys. Basically, can you guys reassure me that you don't hate each other and are going to get a divorce?

Thank you for this feedback, OurShip. I certainly don't mean to convey anything other than good-natured irritation when Kelly does something goofy on a 3x3. Kelly is one of my favorite people in the world, and I love him like a brother. Without him there is no podcast, and the 3x3 would be no fun at all for anybody. The last thing I'd want is a break; the podcast time I spend with Tom and Kelly is one of the bright spots of my week, and if my shortness with Kelly is giving folks a different impression, it is one I do not intend.

I will take your comment under advisement, OurShip, and I mean that sincerely.

Thank you.


Yikes, I'd hate for it to feel weird for anyone listening. We sometimes needle and exasperate each other, but I don't know that I would ever characterize it as tension, and I'd hate for it to come across that way. Kelly brings his own special cavalier approach to the 3x3 and it's often very different from what Dingus and I do, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

I was worried this was going to come back and bite me.

We all *loved* this movie. Now get away from the podcast until you've seen it!

This film sounds right up my figurative alley. I shall skip the Rover chit chat to avoid spoilers but would like to submit (in my continued quest to get Top Secret in every possible 3x3) the "appliance" Nick offers to his Ambassador buddy in the jail cell to help with his -- ahem -- marital problems. I refuse to type the words, but OVER 18s please do check out this charming video for more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

In the words of everyone, ever: EWWWWWWW

Thanks a lot for responding to me, Christien, (they call you dingus and I guess I did too but is that ok?) that means a lot to me. I'm really glad to hear that I was pretty wrong about the tension. One of the reasons I like the podcast so much is because you guys remind me of three people I used to work with at a Blockbuster waaaaay back in 2000. Tom is the District Manager, Dingus is our store manager, and Kelly would be the flippant assistant manager. They used to spend HOURS talking about movies and tv in the back office. Before the Qt3 movie podcast, the only way I could listen to three pretty funny guys talk about movies was while standing outside the store managers office shrink wrapping tapes. The podcast is obv much better in that regard because now I can listen to three pretty funny guys talk about movies while I fold my laundry. Anyway, thanks again for getting back to me. Keep 'em coming guys! I can not WAIT for the transformers show!

Oh, and Christien, your lewd jokes always make me laugh. Kelly definitely has his ribald humor but then you just drop some freaking BOMB that is WAY dirtier than anything Kelly was implying. It freaking cracks me up every time!

Thanks, Tom. I've been a big fan of yours for quite a long time now at this point. If you don't think anything is tense then there is clearly nothing to worry about. Have fun watching that Michael Bay thing!

Being bullied's my brand.

I've found that with smaller loads, the dryer does the folding for me as long as I remember to take it out within the month. And no one's loads are smaller than mine.

Is this something you know, or something he told you?