Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Snowman

Well, Norway, look what you’ve gone and done. I hope you’re suitably embarrassed.
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Wait, this was a real movie? I honest to god thought the trailer was just a joke.


Hey, leave us out of this. The movie was only shot on location in Norway, but other than that it’s all that Swede’s fault. The author of the book even washed his hands of the movie!


Dingus is correct. The Life podcast was Dingus and Kelly with Tom writing in his thoughts.


Henning Mankell must be rolling over in his grave.


Ah, it must have been during one of my shorter recovery periods. I was thinking there was no way Life is as old as the gap where they did the podcast without me.

But I remember it like I was there! Apparently Kellywand does, too.



So in Tom’s defense, what he told us was true…from a certain point of view.



I had the misfortune of seeing this. Utter trash. What wasn’t a dull cliche, was simply dull. I literally fell asleep for a few minutes – which was the best part of the experience. The scenery was gorgeous, though. I guess that’s something.


Should have gone to Happy Death Day.


So this is the next HDTGM movie, and I normally try to watch the movies before listening, but I got the impression from the podcast it wasn’t even worth watching for amusing terribleness. Is that fair?


That is correct.





“I apologize for Oslo’s low murder rate.”