Qt3 Movie Podcast: The Way Back

Finally a movie we don’t agree on. It’s a 2 vs. 1 split on Peter Weir’s out-of-Siberia odyssey. If you’re worried about spoilers, jump to the 53-minute mark for our 3×3 of great character introductions.

Spoiler alert: according to the prestigious archaeology website Wikipedia, Tom’s totally high re: the Great Wall of China. Just sayin.

I turned off the podcast when Tom told me to, but then in the 3x3 it sounded like Kelly and Xtien disliked it. Is that the split?

As usual, I was boringly in the middle but I think Tom and I both consider it a wardrama movie worth seeing and Murawski’s a huge racist.

Me too. This wasn’t on my radar, and I’m not a big fan of Colin Farrell, so I was going to just plow through and listen, but, sigh. Guess I’ll go see it… or save the podcast for post-DVD release.

Yeah, Dingus said it didn’t work for him, but I thought this was a fantastic adventure movie with a smart political backdrop. I highly recommend it.


Kelly makes a joke about encountering Yetis during their elided trip through the Himalayas, but guess what:

That’s awesome. Probably the one true part of the whole book. Just out of curiosity, what’s supposed to be so “abominable” about them? They stink? Bet I could make a yeti’s eyes water right now.

Ah, so that’s why the movie glossed over the crossing of the Himalayas. They didn’t have the budget for a Yeti wrangler!


Probably more likely that they were nervous about losing their PG-13 rating with that whole sequence about Yetis smelling better on the outside. I’m betting he doesn’t even talk about that in the memoir.


“Watch your eyes, crow bait.”

/tugs at Tom’s shirt. Tom. Star Wars. Tom? Tom! Star Wars. Look. Tom, look. Star Wars. Rdy?