Qt3 Movie Podcast: Thor: Ragnarok

This is why they call them comic books!
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Valkyrie wasn’t capturing slaves. She was helping prisoners get jobs. ;)




Spot on with Jeff Goldblum, Kelly.


I’m dumb. But thanks.


The Grandmaster showed up just in the credits for GotG v.2. Not even a full scene in the credits, but literally scrolling by in the credits with the little headshots and dancing bits of other characters.

I also wondered for a little while if Korg Sharlto Copley.


Ah. I think I remember that now. Those credits were really busy.

Thank you! I’m so happy to hear there are more of us. Also, I’ve suddenly gotten addicted to talking in that voice. I keep saying, “Hello New Dog!” in that voice to my little dog Honey whenever she greets me and wants to play. My son, who has come home from school with a mild fever, is not amused. Hopefully the chicken soup will help.


“I’m just a janitor.”


I managed to get in an oblique “piss off, ghost” reference in my livestream tonight. Very gratifying!



P.S. A couple of interviews I read seem to bear out what Tom said about Taika being the driving comedy force on T:R and the script they dumped on him was meh, so disregard everything I said on the podcast, huh.


(EDIT: Oops, should’ve listened to the rest of the pod first >_<)

Dingus, pretty sure the movie you’re thinking of with Paul Reiser playing someone’s dad is Whiplash.



How weird is my outburst about that? The guys were all like, “Yes, we know he directed that. So why are you bringing it up?” while summoning the guys in white jackets.



I think this is about is the tenth podcast where Kelly Wand talks about those comics where Odin creates a false Ragnarök.

In his defense, this was a movie about creating a Ragnarök.

Also, sweet Jesus his impersonations are uncanny.


It’s a fun movie and all, but… I don’t know maybe I was spoiled by Blade Runner 2049 or the Last Jedi, but… what the hell happened with cinematography in this film? Is it Taika Waititi’s stylistic choice or what?

Lots of, lots of front and centre medium shots and following reverse shots during almost every conversation. That discussion of Thor’s relationships with his hammer or ‘revengers’ one between Thor, Banner and Valkyrie before they team up with Loki were the worst offenders. It felt like they shot every actor separately from one another, or they didn’t have ceilings on sets or what, so they shot almost half of the movie putting a camera on a tripod.

That’s why some of the transitions between action sequences and dialogues or even reaction shots were so jarring. I didn’t get the sense of place and that made almost everything so cheap and boring to watch, I’m talking about almost SW prequels level cheap and boring. And everything was lit so flat, felt so green screeny because of that and busy just for the sake of it again reminding me about SW prequels. Aside that impressive Valkyrie’s flashback sequence, it had almost zero really memorable, really striking shots.

P.S: regarding Lucky McKee, it seems like his movies are getting worse and worse… So I checked on imdb, who shot May and who edited it. May be it’s time to admit that these two guys should get the whole credit for McKee’s amazing début and forget about poor fella once and for all?


Good find! They were both just USC grads kicking around trying to get their careers underway, so it’s not that surprising to see them enlisting each other’s help. But there is no disputing Rian Johnson’s talent in Brick or Lucky McKee’s talent in May (although both movies owe a lot to their main actors).

But, yeah, after his misbegotten attempt to revive All Cheerleaders Must Die and now this clumsy Blood Money thriller, Lucky McKee is in a pretty dismal rut. Still, The Woman earns him a lot of goodwill from me.